Movie Reviews

popcornI love movies–not all of them and certainly not all types. You won’t see me making comments on horror, slashers, or really stupid movies.

A movie can earn up to 4 Golden Eggs full_star, meaning, drop everything and get your ticket (or DVD)!

Below are many of the movies that I’ve seen over the past year with the latest at the top. Here’s a start … I’ll regularly add to the list.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo     


I have to confess, I struggled to get into the book. Not with the movie.
Daniel Craig shines as journalist Mikael, fresh from a whopping loss in the
libel lawsuit against Wennerstrom, a powerful and corrupt businessman he wrote
an expose on. He resigns from the magazine he works for and accepts an
assignment to track down what happened to Harriett, the beloved niece of Henrik
played by Christopher Plummer.

Henrik is the patriarch of the very wealthy Vanger
family who offers money plus evidence that will vindicate Mikael and prove Wennerstrom
is the scumbag that Mikael knows him to be … and then the movie takes off,
introducing stealth Goth investigator Lisbeth, played by Rooney Mara—the girl
with the dragon tattoo—who’s definitely not a typical investigator.  With motorcycle, zillions of piercings, a few
tattoos, an amazing memory and expert hacker—Lisbeth becomes Mikael’s right
hand in uncovering the Vanger family secrets. Mara and Craig will most likely
get Oscar nominations.

There’s twists and turns and overall, excellent.
Forewarning—this isn’t for the youngsters and includes a rape scene.