GOYT Success Formula for Book Publicity and Marketing Saturday

Yowsa … AuthorU.org and The Book Shepherd have an extraordinary BookCamp popping next weekend, Saturday the 15th … it’s our end of the year gift to you.

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How to Create Killer Book Publicity that Sells Books Far Beyond Your Launch on a Shoestring Budget


SO … here’s the BIG question … Would you like to create killer, knock the socks off, book publicity that reaches far beyond any launch you envisioned … even on a teeny tiny shoe string budget? And your answer is:

1.  No way, Jose … I don’t give a twiddly-dit  about publicity and saving a pot full of money and having my book, and me, a success. (Really, that’s your answer?)

2. You Betcha … are you kidding? I’m cancelling whatever I have on my calendar and coming on Saturday, the 15th.  Register NOW: https://authoru.org/events.html

3. Maybe … Maybe Not … you need to convince me … tell me more.

OK … if it’s ” No way, Jose” – STOP reading.

If you need a little more info, here it is.  Your HUGE take-aways include:

  • How to take the target market for your book and find them online, offline, etc. Includes contacting them (journalists, bloggers, consumers) on social media sites, pitching, follow-up.
  • How to create your own media outlets and tips for building a raving fan base. Includes YouTube, podcasts, an ezine, etc.
  • Email marketing. So IMPORTANT and something most authors miss! Tips for capturing the email address and what to do with it once you have it. What kinds of emails to send, even if you write fiction. Includes things like killer subject lines that get them to open the message, tricks for writing and presentation, etc.
  • How to prepare a publicity campaign for your book, what to do pre-launch, during launch and afterward.
  • The most important question to ask about your target market when planning a publicity campaign (it has nothing to do with you or what you’re selling).
  • How to become an expert in your topic and use it to open doors that are closed to non-experts.
  • How to make your website “media ready” so journalists, broadcasters and bloggers find exactly what they need without calling you.
  • The all-important “extras” to offer to the media to convince them to cover you.
  • Sneaky ways to increase the odds of getting your website address in news stories (these work!).
  • The basics of  your author media kit and why you need multiple author bios, not just one.
  • How to avoid being a pain-in-the-ass who journalists end up blackballing.
  • Cool tools (most of them free) to use in your book publicity campaign. (We love freebies!)

Hot seats in the afternoon … Joan will pre-select up to 6 attendees who will be in the Publicity Hound’s eyes … will you be a lucky one and howl with and for your book?

Now that I’ve give you the “take-aways”, let’s refocus on Who should attend?  Good question … let’s start with:

  • Authors who haven’t started writing yet.
  • Authors who haven’t published yet.
  • Authors who are bored with their own books.
  • Authors who have a book that is getting long in the tooth.
  • Authors who are just published.
  • Authors … that means YOU!

In other words, if you want to be seriously successful … you show up, you participate. It’s the GOYT Success Formula for Book Publicity and Book Marketing … Get Off Your Tush … see you this Saturday.

 Joan StewartJoan Stewart is the Publicity Hound. With an in-depth background as a journalist, publicity coach and master of creating the best of the best in Cheat Sheets for propelling authors to the forefront of media attention, get ready for an action packed and fun day. Her website is PublicityHound.com.



Register NOW: https://authoru.org/events.html

When:   Saturday, November 15th Lunch and workbook included :      8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: Doubletree SE, 225/Iliff in Aurora, CO
Cost:     $129