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Hot Marketing from the Get-Go with Bublish Buttercup Juice for Massive Distribution                              
Have you discovered Bublish? It’s a fun and very cool way to market your books like crazy. With the “book bubble” you can add commentary to your book excerpts. Get ready for a leaping ahead of what so many authors are doing and take the lead in your genre … how cool is that?
  • Do pre-marketing long before your book is ever printed.
  • Build SuperFans … which you should be, these will be a delight for them to discover.
  • Create an instant ePub file for eBooks and the ability to immediately morph your final PDF to a Word doc is seconds.
  • Discover a method to deliver massive distribution to bookstores, libraries, and consumers.
Kathy Meis is the founder and CEO of Bublish, the world’s first complete publishing platform with integrated brand-building, marketing, and discoverability features. With more than 25 years of experience in the media and publishing industries, she has served in a wide variety of editorial and management positions at some of the industry’s leading media companies, including CBS and Forbes, Inc.
She is a professional writer, editor, and ghostwriter. Kathy speaks and blogs regularly on the subject of book promotion, author branding, social marketing, and discoverability.
Building a Book Funnel

TJ Muller has helped thousands achieve their personal and professional goals. He is a renowned speaker and consultant, focused on helping you create results in all areas of your life.

TJ is a long time marketer, innovator, educator, and creative mind, which has made him a force behind creative projects world wide. TJ has dedicated himself to transforming communities with a mix of passion and strategy.

In his 9 year tenure as a coach, instructor, and entrepreneur, TJ has worked with thousands of small business owners to help them build better sales and marketing strategies in their companies. As a result, TJ has spoken on national and international stages from Sydney to London to help build stronger communities.

TJ has worked on a wide range of projects from brand new startups to New York Times Bestsellers, to multiple multi-million dollar program launches.

Savvy authors need to know how to be a part of the thriving audiobook marketplace, with production and narration options as well as tips and tricks to market your audiobook. Richard Rieman has the answers and will show attendees how to:
  • find a great narrator for your book or narrate the book yourself
  • uncover the secrets of great audiobook production
  • distribute and sell your audiobooks
  • assess the costs and benefits of producing an audiobook
After a career of telling news stories into the RKO Radio Network and Chicago, New York, and Washington DC radio microphones, Richard Rieman started giving a voice to the words of some wonderful authors. Richard is a top Audible narrator and producer of over 100 audiobooks. He won three 2016 EVVY audiobook awards and used his reporting background to interview top audiobook narrators for his book, “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation,” 2016 Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing in the Global eBook Awards.

Richard credits reading to his children in his “wizard” and “monster” voices for putting him on the path to audiobook success.

It smells when your reader drops off
It stinks when you’re dull
It reeks when you don’t tell a story
Don’t stink: SCINTILLATE! WRITE ON FIRE! Change that stench to biscuits and coffee. LEARN HOW with Writing Muse, Anne Randolph
Anne Randolph, creator of Kitchen Table Writing, inspires authors to find their authentic voice. She offers workshops in Denver and at conferences including the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe. She has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and has worked in London, Italy, and Amsterdam.  Anne has been director of two opera companies and the Colorado Symphony. Her #1 bestseller, Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table: A Collection of Women’s Memoirs is available on and her Write on Fire! Is 

Nick will guide you through the ins and outs of book design, and show how it’s the little touches that make for a visually appealing and marketable book.
• Recognize the mistakes most self-publishing authors make – and how to avoid them.
• Learn how selecting fonts can make or break your book design.
• Confused about what goes on a back cover? We’ll discuss what—and what not—to do.
Nick Zelinger of NZ Graphics has been creating award-winner books for over 25 years. He is the expert in designing compelling book covers and dynamic book interiors: necessities in this competitive world of Indie Publishing. See his work at

Social Media: One Day at a Time    
Overwhelmed by social media? Melody Jones will break it down day-by-day, giving you her secrets on managing social media so it doesn’t manage you. She’ll share…
  • The fastest way to find content to share
  • The one thing that will sky rocket your engagement
  • How being smart about your smartphone can make social media easier
  • The latest and greatest trends to help you stay ahead of the curve
Melody Jones is your Social Media Aspirin. If you suffer from Facebook fever, hashtag headaches, or Insta irritations, Melody can alleviate your pain. She provides do-it-for-you social media management, personal coaching, workshops and presentations, and social media retreats. Email her at
Books, eBooks and Book Trailers or Bust
How can you engage more readers? How can you upgrade your marketing efforts? Create a 60-second trailer about your book, including the cover and some visuals from the book. Using music or a voice over it’s easy to create a book trailer that can be posted on social media, YouTube, and your website.
• Adds another tool to your marketing efforts
• Directly reach your readers
• Give potential readers more information than the book cover
Recognized nationally and regionally for award-winning book design, Rebecca Finkel, of F + P Graphic Design, specializes in multi-faceted projects; integrating text, photos, and graphics to create a unique look.
Rebecca enjoys finding creative solutions to design projects. In addition to designing book covers, interiors, and trailers, Rebecca also converts eBooks. From initial concept to printed product, F + P Graphic Design creates projects that fit a budget and timeline.

Perry Yeldham is the founder of 21Thirteen Design, Inc., and has worked closely with 100’s of authors and companies to create and expand their online identities, including the rebranding of Rick Frishman, Adam Giandomenico, Author101 University, and Algorithms for Success. He writes and speaks on the topics of Branding, Emotional Design, and Cognitive Neuroscience in web design.

Perry is a former Atlantic Records recording artist and has toured and recorded as a sideman with acts such as Blues great John Lee Hooker, The Coasters, The Soul Survivors, Maxine Nightingale and Gilbert Montagné.

Perry is the author of the forthcoming books “The Tangled Web,” a manual for survival on the internet, and “Everybody’s Wrong.”

COMPANY: 21Thirteen Design, Inc.

SHORT BIO: Visual Branding, Marketing & Web Design Expert

WEBSITE21Thirteen Design, Inc.

Finally, Get Your Awesome Voice & Expertise on the Air   
Podcasting is the new “black” in author amplifying and marketing today. Is pod casting right for you? For your expertise? How do you do it? How do you get sponsors for a show? How do you get people to come and listen? How can you monetize it?
All excellent questions, and in this work shop, you will get the answers, plus answers to questions you haven’t even thought of.
  • Why Podcasting and why podcasting now?
  • What do I need to get started?
  • What equipment is needed?
  • What are the costs?
  • What do I need to do to become an awesome host?
  • How do I get post-podcast downloads to happen?
  • If I want guests, how do I find them?
Susie Scott has over 25 years in video and yes, film. She has produced training/industrial/internal projects for national and international clients, dozens of national restaurant commercials, documentary-style pieces and recently, another Telly Award for a short film about an Auschwitz survivor. 
Her media and promotions experience includes broadcast television, radio, the internet, social and even — gasp — print. She is the founder of the
Susie, her family and small animal planet live along the front range of the Rockies. She is a bit of a political junkie, rues the loss of spontaneous radio, believes in Yetis but not so much the tooth fairy. 
Building Your Brand

For over 30 years Keoki Williams has been designing logos and developing visual branding for clients from start-ups to large corporations in North America and Asia.

He is a graduate of BYU’s Design Program and is the recipient of top awards from the prestigious national design publications Print Magazine and CA Magazine.

Companies, now more than ever, need a strong visual presence. Keoki understands the power of visual branding and integrates its essential elements into all his work.

Infusion Expert Maximizing eMail Marketing

It took about 30 years of TV cameras and news scripts.
Then, the lights came on.

That’s when award-winning broadcaster Darin Adams discovered that the secret of TV is the secret of life. It’s always better with passion. He’s done just about everything when it comes to TV. As a lifestyle host, he tracked down celebrities like Martha Stewart and Pat Sajak. As a sports anchor, he has tried his hand at rodeo riding on a runaway horse. As a weather anchor, he drew pictures of animals in the satellite clouds. As a morning feature reporter, he has eaten crickets and had liposuction performed on him while talking on camera. He’s worked in cities from Louisville, Kentucky to Kalispell, Montana—from Boston, Massachusetts to Pocatello, Idaho. He currently lives in Utah with his wonderful wife and four perfect children.

  • Everyone has passions. Some of Darin’s include:
  • Nutella
  • New England Patriots
  • Autumn
  • Diet Root Beer
  • French fries with mayo or “fry sauce”
  • Family games
  • TV Shows: Monk & Psych
  • Black Friday