Highly successful authors don’t Publish Too Soon

The 7 Traits of Highly Successful Authors
Trait #6: Highly successful authors don’t Publish Too Soon.
Sure, you want the book out. Your family is sick of you being buried in it. You’re sick of it as well. Your crowd can hardly wait to get their hands on it. And let’s face it; it would be nice to finally have some cash flow coming your way. But, and it’s a big but, don’t publish too soon.

There are always errors lurking in your book midst. Rare is the author who if asked if she could take one more pass over the copy; insert another story or example; change a statement or opinion based on new information; get a professional editor to really edit, one who goes beyond copy editing and understands content, the flow of your text and what your book is really about; secure a professional cover designer; get advice from someone who has successfully published … you fill in the blank, that they would take that one the time to do it.

Breathe, look at it one more time, and let your book enjoy a natural birth, not a forced one.