Highly successful authors know how to Communicate.

The 7 Traits of Highly Successful Authors

Trait #3: Highly successful authors know how to Communicate.
You’ve got the book, do you have the voice? Voice comes in all kinds of packages. Taking your unique approach to your topic, what’s your pitch for it … and who are you going to pitch it to? Knowing your crowd, your target market, saves time and energy. This book business is work. Whether you publish via NY or your tackle it on your own, be prepared to work your butt off.

Too many authors want to do the “author thing” meaning that they want to just be a writer; they want to be left alone! Definitely, not an option in the authoring and publishing business. How best do you communicate besides the written word within your book or articles? Your voice carries to the radio, to the press, to television, to the speaking platform and oh yes, the Internet. There’s blog radio, YouTube and the written format—Tweeting, Blogging and Facebook entries. An entire community can be created to communicate with! By using aha thoughts, salty and sassy statements, you build you followers, those who wait zealously for your next work.