Money $marts Segments on KWGN-TV Denver                                 
Judith is CW2 Denver’s Financial Expert

View videos online concerning topics such as:

  • Allowances
  • Compulsive Shopping
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Dining Out
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Internet Scams
  • Tax Tips
  • Stock Market
  • Money Traps
  • Holiday Spending
  • Freshman Finance
  • Document Trashing
  • …and MUCH MORE!







You may have seen Judith appearing on these TV shows:

  • Oprah
  • Live with Regis & Kathy Lee
  • Good Morning America
  • Joan Rivers
  • Sally Jesse Raphael
  • Geraldo
  • Jerry Springer
  • Morning Exchange – OH
  • Seattle Today





Other TV shows:

  • CW2 Denver, CO
  • New England Cable News TV
  • Ohio News Network TV
  • KTMV TV San Jose, CA
  • KTRK TV Houston, TX
  • KLAS TV Las Vegas, NV
  • WBH TV Ft. Myers, FL
  • WZVN TV Ft. Myers, FL






Judith in Newsweek – Check it out!

The April 28 Newsweek  (page 58) has Judith listed as a business expert–kind of a kick, including the “picture”.  

The link below has the four days that all the experts participated in the Newsweek Online Forum as well as a link to the “full” story which was in the magazine.  The online response by participants was so positive, that some was carried over to the magazine.  READ MORE 

*Caricature by Richard Beckerman


Judith also featured in:

  • People
  • WSJ – sabotage and workplace issues
  • Cosmopolitan –
  • Elle’ – confidence
  • Essence – multiple topics
  • Newsweek articles on the workplace future
  • Time magazine interview on women in the
  • Ladies Home Journal on kids and gifts for the
  • Working Mother magazine
  • Bloomberg Financial News New York, NY
  • CNNfn
  • CNN National TV Atlanta, GA
  • CNN National Radio Atlanta, GA
  • Dimensions in Dental Hygiene on money
  • McCalls – Smart ways to invest money
  • Glammour – on sabotage in the workplace
  • REUTERS National TV Distribution New York, NY
  • CONUS National TV Distribution New York, NY
  • KDXU, St. George, UT The Confidence Factor
  • WNJC, Washington Township, NJ
    The Confidence Factor
  • WPOW Miami, FL The Confidence Factor
  • KLPW St Louis, MO The Confidence Factor
  • Harmony Radio online–Real Voices The Confidence Factor
  • WTBQ Florida, NY The Confidence Factor
  • WRKD Rocklin, ME The Confidence Factor
  • KUSA (NBC) – Denver, CO
  • KMGH (CBS) – Denver, CO
  • KIRO Seattle, WA
  • KNWX Seattle, WA
  • WOWK (CBS) Charleston, SC
  • WYTV (ABC) Youngstown, OH
  • WXIN (FOX) Indianapolis, IN
  • WKJG (NBC) Ft. Wayne, IN
  • KTVT (CBS) Dallas, TX
  • WXIA (NBC) Atlanta, GA
  • WMTV (NBC) Madison, WI
  • KSPR (ABC) Springfield, MO
  • WAPT (ABC) Jackson, MS
  • KARE (NBC) Minneapolis, MN
  • WHNT (CBS) Huntsville, AL
  • KFOR (NBC) Oklahoma City, OK
  • WFMZ (IND) Philadelphia, PA
  • WBTW (CBS) Myrtle Beach, VA
  • WSPA (CBS) Spartanburg, SC
  • WFLX (FOX) West Palm, FL
  • WNCN (NBC) Raleigh, NC
  • KVIA (ABC) El Paso, TX
  • WMAZ (CBS) Macon, GA
  • KCEN (NBC) Waco, TX
  • KTSM (NBC) El Paso, TX
  • KTVQ (CBS) Billings, MT
  • WDJT (CBS) Milwaukee, WI
  • AP Interview
  • Working Mother and Reader’s Digest on Smart Money Moves for Kids
  • TV spot on FOX TV for Smart Money Tax Tips
  • KCNC (ABC) – Denver, CO
  • KWGN – Denver, CO