The Author’s Ark … Surviving and Thriving in the Flood of Authoring and Publishing Coaching Groups Launches in March

It’s been coming, actually too long in coming, but I’m finally doing it …. my own small group mastermind series … but it’s much more than a mastermind–an overused term. It’s an ARK .. a gathering of individuals who not only want to survive … they want to go forth and thrive and multiple what they do.

Welcome to: The Author’s Ark with Judith Briles … Surviving and Thriving in the Flood of Authoring and Publishing Coaching Groups 

Author's Ark

I’ve loved the Saturday Salons I do in my home in Colorado once a month that are “open” to all authors at any stage. With a bit of prodding from them and many friends with the “Why don’t you ….”, I’m doing it. The creation of The Author’s Ark with Judith Briles … Surviving and Thriving in the Flood of Authoring and Publishing Coaching Groups will allow me to share my wealth of speaking, authoring and publishing moxie that I’ve gathered over 35, gulp, years.

Your Commitment: only $497 per month … and only 12 participants may be in any one group with a minimum commitment of three months. You will complete a questionnaire before the first Ark.

Throughout the year, Judith will post a combination of Webinars, Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching all in one package. These will be found under the Events tab on website.

1 – Two Webinars per month will be designed just for you to watch/listen to at your convenience, including (but definitely not limited to):

1. How to Create a Book Celebration
2. How to Create Your Book or Personal Pitch
3. How to Create the Platform for Your Book
4. How to Design a Speech around Your Expertise or Your Book that doesn’t Suck
5. How to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign
6. How to Create a Podcast Show
7. How to Turn Your Book into a Business to Transition from Author to Book Publisher
8. How to Set Up Your Amazon Accounts
9. How to ID which Social Media Platforms will Work for You and Your Book
10. How to Put Sanity into Social Media Positioning
11. How to Create a Group on LinkedIn, Grow and Moderate It
12. How to Create a Community on Google+, Grow and Moderate It
13. How to Master Media and Get Yourself on TV, Radio and Visible
14. How to Create a Fast and Cheap Book Trailer
15. How to Create Infographics to Harvest and Position Your Expertise and Book
16. How to Create an Author or Speaker One-Sheet
17. How to Position or Reposition Your Brand
18. How to Use Twitter to Market You and Your Book
19. How to Create an Amazon Best Seller Campaign
20. How to Create  a GamePlan for Your Book from the Beginning (and what to do if you hadn’t)
21. How to Create a Book Proposal if You Plan to Sell Your Book to an NY
22. How to Identify which Book Awards to Enter and What to Do When You Get One
23. How to Create a Press / Media Release
24. How to Create a Media Kit
25. How to Create a Speaker Meeting Planner Kit

2 – Cheat Sheets  … will be created for each of the Webinars featured in the month for your exclusive use.  Value: $300 for the monthly Webinars and Cheat Sheets

3 – Group Open Mic Call … this is slated in the beginning of each month in the early evening and will be recorded for those who can’t make the live call-Judith will always moderate this.  A survey will be taken of all participants to ensure that the first call will be scheduled to have maximum participation by all. Value: $300

4 – One-on-One Laser Coaching with Judith … you will have a time that is set up to have a phone, Skype or in Judith’s office in Colorado of one hour each month.  Value: $300

I’m excited … are you Game to take you and your book to the next, next level? If yes, email me NOW and let me know that you want to have a guaranteed place on The  Author’s