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I started off the morning with how to write a One-Sheet for an Author, your Business or your Book that is SLICK, CLICK and TICKS … walking everyone through a process to create theirs, then revealed step-by-step what I went through as I created mine this past week. And then read my new Intro on it … the only paragraph about my work from me—the other three were testimonials of my work and why I selected them.

Here’s mine:

JUDITH BRILES, aka The Book Shepherd, has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She’s knowledgeable and entertain and has personally authored 35 books that have been translated into 16 languages; sold a combined 1,000,000 copies; and generated in excess of $5,000,000 in revenues from combined book sales and speaking fees. As an advocate for authors, Judith knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. She is The Book Shepherd.” 

This is my Ta-Dah for January!

Loved Joan Stewart’s session on building your expertise and CLAIMING it! 


HUGE take-away—create a brochure that has several Calls to Action on it pronto. Make sure you have a very visible banner that you can prop up at any book signing, presentation—a takeaway that has a graphic designer’s fingerprints on it. Loved her tips for Fiction authors—leading the pack was Newsjacking off course (one of my favs).

Loved Daniel Hall’s ( examples of “derivative” works based on public domain works. Think DISNEY and how so many of its masterpieces are pulled from long ago works that are in the public domain.  Someone else’s originality can generate an offspring for any author. Think images, words, music. So hot!

Check out making previous works that you can make “differentiated” meaning translated (how about English to Spanish or French where it doesn’t already exist?), annotated (includes a narrative that you’ve added), illustrated (includes 10 or more illustrations you have added).

Here’s a hot website to check out to see what just might tweak your fancy:

Also hot to know—the US Government is a terrific site for info—everything it creates/writes is in the public domain. Get info here: –you’ve got a giant search engine at your disposal—up to date info create by thousands of pros. Think of it as the “google” of the USO government.

If you love comic books—get to–and snag a comic book cover for your next blog … this is way fun!

WOW … and this was just the AM!

Pitching the market … and identifying what the market is … was drilled in by Amy Collins of as we kicked off the afternoon session. One of the critical reminders to all was the bookstores are taking a risk on your book—what are you doing or going to do to earn it … to reduce it?

Amy reminded all that they were talented authors … but where they will do the work to become a successful author? As a talented author, you write well. As a successful author, you “get” that you have to … no, you must … work hard AFTER the book comes out.

Nick Zelinger of reminded all: Your cover is THE single most important thing in your book’s presentation. Your book is a product … your front cover is a PACKAGE and selling a PRODUCT.

Loved the show and tell as he walked through the evolution of a book cover design. Critical element: create a central focus point. When multiples come in, the cover becomes a mishmash.

Another central issue was to make sure your study … study … study what types of book covers are being critical in author’s genre by traditional publishers. Your cover must reflect what’s the “norm” … your book is in competition … will it be picked?

Covers are critical to your author success. Does yours look DIY or does it look and feel like it’s quality? It could be the difference of whether your book is picked up and looked over or bypassed.

This was a home run day for everyone. What an array of chewy topics that are pivotal to Author Success. And a key question … are you a talented author or are you a successful author?




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