Latest Strategies in Using BookBrush – AUG

She’s back … Kathleen Sweeney is ready to reveal a Book Brush Refresher … and easy peasy goodies you can do with stellar images and the latest tools.

If you are an author who doesn’t know Photoshop from the other—and doesn’t want to spend the money to buy it OR want to learn it—discover a nifty and elegant multi-facet tool that delivers high-quality images for all things books—even ads!

Learn how to create eye-catching marketing images for all things social media. Plus explore video effects, create Box Set images, use animation, design your own covers and more—lot’s more! You’ll discover handy tips & tricks along the way and there will be plenty of time for Q & A.

  • It’s author ambrosia … animations are hot and you will open your portal via BookBrush.
  • It’s easy peasy for authors to create high-quality advertising graphics—hands down. The 3D cover templates are awesome.
  • It’s author happy dance time. If you want to save oodles of time excites you (and frustration), you won’t want to miss this!
  • This will be recorded. ALL registrants will receive it, even if you can’t attend when it’s presented live on August 2nd

When: August 2, 2023

Time: 12 noon – 1 P.M. MT