8 Ways Self and Indie Authors Sell More Books

The typical self-published author sells less than 100 books. One Hundred Freakin’ Books! Yikes. You can’t make a living that way. You can’t cover your costs of production. What you do has become frustrated and dismayed. In other words, you fail–something that wasn’t in your vision path when you first started doing your authoring and publishing path.

Yes Dear Author, there is a significant difference between authors who sell just a few books (and yes, that’s what the typical self-published author does) and authors who are selling lots of books.

  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know  who and where their specific book buyers are.
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know how to get sponsors behind their books.
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know that it takes on-going learning (especially via books and live seminars).
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know that it pays to hang out with authors who know how to sell books.
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know how to use the right social media to reach the audience for their books.
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know that just writing a good book isn’t what sells copies of it.
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS know that a bestselling book doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Authors who SELL BOOKS treat publishing like a real business.

How many ways are there to market and sell a book? As many ways as there are to write a book. That’s about 1001 ways according to John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book!

How many authors are really selling thousands of copies of their books? A lot–and many more than you might think.

With over 3,500 new books bubbling up each day–EVERY DAY!–it’s painful for me to think that few of them get that this publishing it is a business. The writing–the production to get it to print–is 10 percent of the effort. The real payoff starts when the author gets that his or her book is a “product”–one that has to be marketed to the consumer who wants and needs it. Somehow, the belief of if I build it; if I create it; if I produce it … “they will come.” What comes is a massive letdown; then disillusionment, cynicism and failure.

Yikes. Where the notion that the book will just be a giant magnet in the sky, attracting streams of book buyers like flies swarming around a table laden with uncovered food is beyond me. Yet, too many authors do. 

John Kremer is coming to Denver, Colorado next month. So are 20 other publishing pros to will enlighten you and show you the way to become the minority of successful self and indie authors who do sell thousands of books. Join me in Denver, Colorado on September 7 through 9 for the 2017 AuthorU Extravaganza — three amazing days that will move you as an author to another level.

At AuthorU Extravaganza, you will learn:

  • How to get sponsors for you and your book (that means they give you money and underwrite your projects)
  • How to get on the inside of library sales (that means no returns and a very broad distribution)
  • How to get into the podcast world (that means your voice, thoughts and words are downloaded 24/7)
  • How to create an awesome audiobook (that means that those in cars, exercising, walking and so much more can hear your words)
  • How to score with publicity and attract media (that means that your expertise is sought)
  • How to create a massive sales funnel (that means that you create massive fans and funds)
  • How to really use email marketing (that means that you can reach out in seconds to mega thousands)
  • How to soar with branding and where to use it (that means that you have instant recognition)
  • How to develop a speech to sell more books (that means you have bookloads of sales, immediate payment and no returns)
  • How to be seriously successful as an author (and that, dear author, means you have made it)

Check out the whole deal here: AuthorU Extravaganza

I would miss it and I hope to see all of you there. It sucks it up, Buttercup, time.