Money Fears …# 4 The Fear of Making Mistakes and Failing

# 4 … The Fear of Making Mistakes and Failing

Everyone makes mistakes.  I wished I had $10 for each one I’ve made over the past 50 years plus.  Mistakes that lead to a money loss can be personally and professionally crippling.

They happen.  You get to choose—will they handicap and paralyze you?  Or will you look at them as a learning and growth experience?

What you have to guard against is the reaction that the fear of failure and making mistakes can generate paralysis . . . getting stuck mentally.  Making money mistakes and experiencing failures won’t destroy you.  Your key to resurrecting yourself is determining—

  • What happened?
  • What factors could you control, influence or alter?
  • What factors could you not control?
  • What did you learn, the pros and cons?

Over the next several weeks, I’ll continue to post the top fear factors for today … to overcome your fear, and get back on track, get your copy of Money Smarts for Turbulent Times by Judith Briles–available in paper and ebook format.