Money Fears … Most Have a Few, What’s Yours?

Most Have a Few . . . What’s Yours? 

The average person works 10,000 days during her career (that’s 40 years if you do the math).  How much time are you willing to commit to figuring out what to do with the money you make? Or how to make it grow? And what about determining what you need to support you when you step away from your nursing career?

No one is born with a fear or attitude about money, yet you have some.  Fears and attitudes—be they good, bad, or ugly—develop over time.  No doubt, your upbringing is a major contributing factor.  Past experiences—successes and failures—also play a critical role, as does society and your surroundings—the media, friends, family even how the government spends, creates and takes away moneys and programs are factors.

The Current Money Fiasco

Over the last few years, millions have felt some form of financial squeeze.  For some, it was an unbelievable financial disaster that caught then totally off guard.

 Thousands daily lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings—here yesterday, gone today.  Poof … it felt like it was an overnight happening.

 Fat 401(k) accounts were slashed to a fraction of what they were just months earlier; homes that many counted on to yield a hefty part of their retirement seed plummeted in value; and the credit markets turned venomous. The perfect storm. Financial scandals, scams and corruption fermented everywhere. And fear … unbelievable fear.

 The Fear Factors
Understanding your money personality, your spending habits, your needs and wants and what may be hindering you from achieving your goals are critical factors in creating financial independence.  Dealing with money fears that are blockers to success are a key ingredient to building assets.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting the top fear factors for today … to overcome your fear, and get back on track, get your copy of Money Smarts for Turbulent Times by Judith Briles–available in paper and ebook format.