Nonsense … or Creativity Starter?

That, Dear Watson (or Author), Is the Question!


When is nonsense “nonsense” for an author and when is it the perfect kick start to get you out of a writing rut, book marketing rut or just see something from a different perspective?                     

Recently, I posted a video on several of my social media sites that contained a video of 10,000 iPhones doing the domino dance. First thoughts when I viewed it: Who has time to do this? Who even thought it up? When and where in the heck did they gather up 10,000 iPhones (maybe Apple headquarters)? How much time did this take? How many misfires were there? Etc.

After viewing, it left me with a smile and an “OK, it’s a long day ahead, I need to do some final re-writes on the For the Love of Paprika cookbook that I’m working on for/with a client; I’ve got two sets of handouts to create for speeches in the next two weeks; I’ve got …. You know it–you’ve been there. Nonsense may just be the answer face it—a fun way to start it ….” and who knows what creative things are going to pop. And let’s face it; we all need a mental break during our days … even when in the depths of a project.

Here’s the video:

Take less than two minutes to watch and then ask yourself, “What goofy, nonsense thing has opened up paths for me?” Hey, it sparked the idea to write this short blog … an idea that I didn’t have when I opened my laptop at 5 am. Now, back to the other work …

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