Out with the Old, In with the New

Summer is almost here … did you do the traditional Spring Clean … with your old stuff? And old ideas?

When it comes to writing, and publishing, the fabulous concept you had a few years ago may need to be rethought, revamped, or, gulp, tossed out.

Is the idea you have current? Leading Age? Has it been done been done before and have you come up with a whole new twist? Or is it … yawn … old hat?

For non-fiction, would doing a survey spark up some interest? How about conducting interviews with controversial or “in the news” personalities? Or, facilitate a focus group that might reveal new thoughts, trends or twists?

For fiction, just how clever or unique is your story line? Is it more like a “fill in the blank” that are common in the formula books that liter book store shelves or a true page-turner? Have you spent some time with a creative writing coach that can accelerate your learning and imagination curves?

Have you thought about ways to capture your reader’s attention? And, do you know who your reader is? Anyone who thinks, “Everyone,” is clueless about their market and will sabotage their efforts. My clients have heard me say countless times, “The more you niche yourself, the bigger your market becomes.”

Become a big fish in a small pond. The expert. The visionary. The unique voice. By dumping ideas that aren’t working, scenes that don’t click, you will become a new you and an author that demands notice. A new form of Spring Cleaning.