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I am excited to share something inspiring with you. I’ve been interviewed on a special writing series that teaches you how to break through resistance and write as you’ve never done before. 

It’s a 10-Day FREE online event that starts on June 24th. That’s today!
Some people write a book but stop midway, others never get started. Are you someone that feels a lot of resistance when you write? Do you let your inner critic slow you down? All of these feelings are normal, but with the right guidance, you can finally get the book out of your head and onto the page!
My friend Dawn Montefusco, Life Coach for Writers, has created a revolutionary video series to help people get their writing mojo back in the flow and she invited me to speak in it. It’s called The Ultimate Writers’ Series: How to Break Through Resistance, Ignite Your Muse and Honor Your Soul’s Calling. I did a special session that will debut next week at the Summit on July 1.
I can invite anyone to watch this 10-Day series and it’s FREE!
Dawn asked me and other well-known writers, artists, storytellers, and entrepreneurs to join in a discussion that will show you how you can break through resistance and ignite your inner muse.  
This series shows why it is vital to honor your calling as a writer and why it’s so important you write from your heart and be authentic.
It also explains how powerful just one book can be even if you are not planning on being a full-time writer.
This 10-day series is free, and gives you tips and strategies that will help you….
  • Break the barriers that have been holding you back from finishing your book.
  • Stay inspired and overcome writer’s block.
  • Realize how important it is to tell your story and why it matters now more than ever.
  • Tap into the purpose, inspiration, and ease of writing so your creative journey is fun and fulfilling.
  • And much more…
It starts June 24th and you can listen as experts discuss what sparked them to write a book that became a bestseller, the power your words have in the digital world, how to stay inspired when you are busy and how to self-publish effectively and market your book.
So, if you’re ready to write your book and feel the power of telling your story to the world, this is your invitation to grab a seat for The Ultimate Writers’ Series.
Remember, it’s FREE to sign up! Here is the link:
I love FREE … 
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