Get the Right Domain Name

What URL (domain name) is right for you? The answer is the one that is the most direct to you, your name, book, product, topic, etc. This isn’t the time to get cute, unless cute is what you are known or identified by.

Before you embrace your domain name, make sure you can get the dot com to it. Sure, dot net or dot biz may be available, but dot com is what most search engines default to. Avoid using numbers and nicknames, unless that’s your company or product name. It’s not the time to use a bunch of numbers are something that is so unusual that only you can remember it. It’s the time to create a name that is a no-brainer, easy to find … and spell!

Such as: My name is Judith Briles. I own lots of domain names. Two are my name– and You are currently on I also own the domain names to my book titles. Simple and direct should be your motto. A searcher may remember part of my name, Google it, and quickly find me.

Your motto should be to keep it simple, direct and in the genre. Period.