Rescue My Book!

Judith calls them Rescued Books. Too often, a book comes to us in trouble.

It’s been abused. By another publisher; by a service provider; and sometimes by the author. Whatever the case, our goal is to get it back on track.

Judith has threatened to put up a Kiss-Off Barometer in her office … the thousands and thousands of dollars that authors have lost in the publishing maze is unbelievable.

Stop the drainage. Stop working with the wrong people. Stop betraying your book.

If you still care for your book, call us. We will determine what your remedy is—major surgery, or fine tuning and tweaking. It won’t be painless, but it will give you hope that someone cares that you, and your book gets back on track.

The sooner, the better.

Jim Hall found The Book Shepherd at a publishing conference. Approaching her, he confessed that he thought he had the wrong publisher. Knowing the reputation of who he had signed with, we knew he was correct. He was able to break the contract and connected with another, again running into roadblocks left and right.Judith Briles and Jim Hall

Coming into our offices, we helped negotiate a severance with the second; worked with him on creating a game plan, brought in editors, cover and interior designers and re-launched the entire process. At his first book signing, he sold over 250 books at $27 each—more than enough to cover the cost of his print run.

Like with all of our authors, Jim and his wife experienced peace of mind and felt that they were finally on the right publishing path.