Shout Out Time Means the “Right” Press Release for Authors


I took a little time and crafted a “shout out” for myself … with the help of the


Publicity Hound Joan Stewart, a press/media release was created abound the multiple book awards that Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms has won.

When it comes to publicity and media, what gets the attention of a producer or a reporter is always a big question. Sometimes it’s a slow day, and the author and book may be the perfect filler. Other times, the topic could be hot in the media. Or, the other has been able to “newsjack” on to another streaming story and fuels the air and cyber waves. AU-front

My first round of media was via the local circuit—Colorado, my home base. It was fun to get an email back the next day from the publisher of one of my favorite local magazines, 5280, with a personal kudo from him and note saying that he would share with his team.

Early this week, I got an email from a friend who wooted the coverage in the online Your Hub that the Denver Post puts out, which included much of the original release.

Who knows if anyone else picks it up, or calls for an interview? If it happens, it’s because the press release was created and emailed out. If it hadn’t been … then zilch would follow.

For you, the author and writer, you need to step up and out—shout out to others your accolades. Otherwise, they become a well-kept secret.

Here’s what was sent … you can use to “format” yours as a sample:

Contact: Nancy Chase

Colorado Author Wins  Six National Book Awards

Book Award

DENVER, CO., Nov. 19, 2014 — Judith Briles of Aurora, Colo., who has written and published more than 30 books, has won six national book awards for her latest, Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms (Mile High Press). Briles and the book were honored with the “best” in the Writing/Publishing categories from the USA Book News Awards, Indie Excellence Book Awards, International Book Awards, Beverly Hills Book Awards and received the bronze from the Independent Book Publishers IPPY Awards. At the annual American Library Association meeting this summer, Author YOU garnered a Book of the Year Indie/Fab Award in the Writing/Publishing category. When the book was initially launched, it earned #1 bestseller on Amazon in Writing and Publishing.

“Every author, every book, needs a platform,” says Briles, who is also a publishing expert and master book shepherd.

The Importance of Author Platform

“It’s the stage, the very foundation of your book and authoring businesses. Author and book platforms don’t happen overnight. They take time, and there are steps—some small, some large and some in-between—that will transition the author to-be from just an idea to a book that stars him or her as the expert or an amazing story-teller.”

Author YOU, an interactive guide and workbook, explains that a platform starts with a statement of fact: why the author wrote the book. It also includes why the author is the best one to write it, why the author is committed to the theme/topic, and what value the author brings to the reader.

“It is done with confidence, clarity, competence and commitment,” said Briles, who is also the Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of, a non-profit membership organization for authors based in Colorado who want to be seriously successful.

More About the Book:

Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms, (Mile High Press, 10 x 7, ISBN 978-1-885331-41-0, $45), is designed for authors at every level. Briles’ more than 30 years of publishing experience is woven around 22 activities, illustrated and four-color throughout.

“Authors can scour the Internet for articles and try to piece together a plan from various bits of advice,” she says. “They can hire consultants. They can buy thousands of do-it-yourself books. But if they want to end up with a fully executable, complete publishing and marketing plan, they need to follow this step-by-step guide and workbook to put it all into place.”

Briles shares insider strategies on how she created multiple bestsellers and award-winning books for herself and hundreds of clients. Author YOU is available at book stores and online stores including Amazon at

Briles explains more about the book in a three-minute YouTube video at

Weekly, she hosts the Your Guide to Book Publishing with over 100,000 podcast downloads monthly at


Journalists and Bloggers:

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