Is There a Book in You?

Description of Offering:

• All teaching methods will be lecture, self-survey, interactive format
• Dr. Judith Briles will be the sole presenter for each offering
• Time frames are estimates only—there is no post-testing
• 55 minutes

How would you like to write the book you’ve dreamed of, even become a best-selling author? Most people have a book in them. Will yours get birthed, or will it die because it never was conceived?

Books create credibility. Whether your dream is to write the great novel, a children’s series or to create a book that will enhance your professional credibility, this fast paced session is for you. The business of publishing will be revealed; you learn how to create titles that soar, how to structure a book, how to get started and much, whether you should publish with a traditional publisher or self-publish and much more.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify the different methods of publishing
• Learn how to structure and format a book
• Learn the differences between traditional and independent publishing
• Identify the various team members for successful publishing
• Learn the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid