Stabotage! How to Deal with Pit Bulls, Skunks, Snakes, Scorpions, & Slugs in the Health Care Workplace

Description of Offering:

• All teaching methods will be lecture, self-survey, interactive format
• Dr. Judith Briles will be the sole presenter for each offering
• Time frames are estimates only—there is no post-testing
• 45 minutes

Every workplace has them—the pit bulls that hide behind lipstick and designer clothes; snakes who flick their abrasive tongues and voice at any and all;  the scorpions who sting with a slap of their heavy backhand; the skunks that seem innocent until you get in their space; and the slugs … those who are “just there” and breathing, barely.

• Are there bullies in your workplace?
• Do you have to deal with Pit Bulls with lipstick?
• Has anyone intentionally undermined you?
• Does your workplace keep the disrupters?
• Have you ever thought about quitting?

Learning Objectives:

• Describe stabotage
• Identify differences in male and female stabotage
• Learn the CarefrontingScript™