Thriving with Change

Description of Offering:

• All teaching methods will be lecture, self-survey, interactive format
• Dr. Judith Briles will be the sole presenter for each offering
• Time frames are estimates only—there is no post-testing
• 45 minutes

Thriving with Change in Your Workplace is based on the 20 plus years of workplace studies conducted by Dr. Judith Briles. Change is everywhere. Some changes are no bigger than gnats, others the size of a Mack truck. Either way, the thought and implementation of changes can demoralize, even destroy those going through it.

Some of the results have been reported in Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace, Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back and The Confidence Factor. Attendees will learn what the states of changes are, how to identify key resistance factors and how to create a viable and realistic plan to thrive in the rapidly changing workplace.

The program is highly interactive. Participants will identify areas that contain strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying new opportunities to stretch their skills. They will be able to identify the five stages of change, access their resistance to change and create an action plan to grow through.

Objectives …

• Identify key factors that contribute to change
• Identify the 5 stages of change
• Identify 10 ways change is resisted
• Create 10 step action plan to thrive with change