What the Bleep Did You Say?

Description of Offering:

• All teaching methods will be lecture, self-survey, interactive format
• Dr. Judith Briles will be the sole presenter for each offering
• Time frames are estimates only—there is no post-testing
• 45 minutes

Diversity is everywhere. Home, work, community—no place is untouched in today’s environment. Communications vary within families, workplaces, neighborhoods, ages, cultures and genders. Rarely is a communication style wrong, just different. Participants will learn the four steps to effective communicating, both as a listener and speaker.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn the 4 steps to communicating as a listener
• Learn the 4 steps to communicating as a speaker
• Take the Communication Quiz
• Identify key factors that impede successful communication
• Identify t he 9 components of communicating