Stop the Book Insanity … Or Why I Don’t Want to Market My Book

Stop the Book Insanity …

Authors sometimes don’t want to hear what works in creating a successful book campaign—campaigns that include the creation, the marketing and the sales of a book … they would rather keep doing the same thing … the thing that has produced no results. Which is usually sitting on their tush. Or if they did try “something” and it didn’t work, that they then choose to sit on their tush because nothing else will work. Or, if they had cost overruns in creating the book (and just who is responsible for that?—yes, dear author—look in the mirror), they refuse to do anything to support/market their book once they have all those books sitting in the garage.

Stop the Insanity

Stop the Insanity … And please, pass me the barf bag so I can continue …

Great—you’ve got a book. What’s next? What’s next has to be marketing and selling of it. What’s next is teaching it and you how to connect with others. What’s next is telling the world. What’s next is to stop rationalizing, making excuses and justifying why you can’t market it. What’s next is for you, dear author, to commit—recommit—to your book and yourself.

“I’m tired.” So … we all are.  The creation of a book can lead to Book Fatigue Syndrome—I get it, you need a rest. Take a week or two off … but then, it’s back to work.

“I’ve already committed so much money, I can’t put another penny on my credit card …”  What were you thinking in the first place—that if you just held a copy of your finished book that the world would flock to the stores, the Internet, your website, your front door, you ,to get a copy? Get over it—you need expert marketing help … starting right now.

“I just want to write …” This is so yesteryear. No author gets to do the ostrich bit these days. Part of authoring is connecting with potential and ongoing book buyers. It means marketing, marketing, and more marketing.

“I hired the wrong person …” Yep, it happens. Lick your wounds—determine what went wrong in the process—then get back to work.

“I don’t know how to do all this social media stuff…” Welcome to the crowd … but there are those out there that do … and guess what—they are part of the book marketing campaign—your book marketing campaign. Your book budget.

Too, too many authors abandon the book ship early in the process. And what do they do? Many start another book—maybe a variation of what they just did. And what will happen when they finish? Most likely, abandonment. In effect, you’ve become an unfit author/parent. What are you thinking? Stop the insanity. Today. Now.

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Stop the Book Insanity … Today … Now!  Please …  Stop the Book Insanity …