The Book Shepherd Shares Her Inside Secrets to Creating Author and Book Platforms

As The Book Shepherd, Dr. Judith Briles has worked with thousands of authors. She’s the author of 30 books and knows what it takes to create, publish BookorBustand market them. Judith also knows why most authors fail to succeed in their author quest.

      Judith also gets the pitfalls that an author can encounter. With 18 books published via traditional NY publishers, she learned to her dismay, that two disappeared—owing her thousands of dollars; that books were orphaned three different times with editors who were fired or quit in the middle of production and no one was there to support her dream—meaning the book was dead; that a publisher actually sold rights to a book after all rights had reverted to her—never giving her a dime. Judith also learned how to be successful, really success in publishing.

      Is there a secret YOU can learn too?

      “Absolutely!” says Judith Briles. Author success has everything to do with planning and it doesn’t happen overnight. It has everything to do with creating both the author and book platforms with each book that is written.”

      For her, it’s knowing how to identify, create and implement the infrastructure that will support the author’s vision—the Platforms, the author and book bridge to reader—all revealed in her author-transforming book: Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms.

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  • Learning how to create your Book GamePlan
  • Discovering hidden sources of money to support your Book
  • Identifying the niche for your Book
  • Learning how to de-clutter the people and things in your life so that you can create the Book your Vision is leading you to
  • Identifying which social media platforms are the best fit for your Book
  • Discovering how to steer clear of the Publishing Predators

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