The Ten Twitter Tweets of the Week

Introducing you to the Ten Twitter Tweets of the Week from

The Book Shepherd …


Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s Top Ten Tweets (@MyBookShepherd) from the past week that you may have missed …

Success & Resources

Why LinkedIn Shouldn’t Worry About Facebook’s New Job Search Tools.

Authoring & Writing

Book Proposals – Seven Top Rules for Your Book Proposal

Stuck with writing and get words out: 11 Tips to kick start yourself.

Social Media & Marketing

Why using #hashtags can be your best #Twitter friend. #authors #book #getpublished #bookcoach

Bookmark Alert-12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheet-Treasure trove of info!

Why Fun is Important for Book Marketing

Yo matey!…have ebook pirates taken you over? What to do.

NEW! 12 Ways to Focus Your eMail Marketing

Most people are visual. Learn How to Create an Awesome Infographic.


For Your Enjoyment:

Initials rule: some authors never use their names—here’s 18 famous with real first names.


Bonus:  Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing was all about: Do you want to be on the NY Times bestseller list? How about selling your book to a NY publisher? Cindy Ratzlaff was simply amazing with her inside strategies on how to work with NY publishers as well as get on the NY Times bestseller list. Make sure you listen to the podcast or on iTunes of last Thursday’s Your Guide to Book Publishing. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN

This afternoon, it’s all about getting speaking gigs, getting paid and selling books with Susan Levin as Judith’s guest …Listen in at 4 p.m. Mountain time at:


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