Top Ten Twitter Tweets of January 15, 2022

Good Authoring Day to YOU

… And Happy Saturday and NEW YEAR to you!

Huge changes happening on my Pinterest account over this month. A revamping of Boards. Some eliminations. Some renaming. Lots of modifications. A new Dog Lovers for Authors & Writers is added … with its first pin … and away we go!

And more hugeness is in my midst … and I mean HUGE plans on revamping all my publishing books on the inside and out. It all rolls out in my Tuesday blog next week … the massive Power of Re. I love the move forward with my new year and the Power of Re. Plus, the revamping of my website is now revealed … and a new opt-in … How to Grab Your LCCN … a must-have for every author … that is if you want your book to be library friendly.

How about you? What are your plans? Any … big … small … what? Let’s hear them

It’s Caturday … January continues the new year. Cat people know their cats take charge of their environments; make their wants known … oh yes, they do! Cats have heart … the magic purring is the best. And where is your heart leading you this year?

That’s my past week … how about you … what are you up to?

Friday mornings are the place to be with other authors! I love the Friday coaching that happens early each Friday AM. I always have a “new tip” for the group that I lead with—a “show and tell how to do ‘it’ … whatever ‘it’ is, then it opens up to “catch up” and “asks”. Become a subscriber so you can get Friday Coaching for only $27 a month for VIP AuthorYOU members, $37 for non-members—limited number of subscribers allowed. We gather viz Zoom at 7 AM. Get on board –it’s fun and informative … and you get all questions answered. We do it via Zoom. This is for any author anywhere! Register

THIS WEEK on Author YOU Your Guide to Book Publishing, the theme is always author, writing, and publishing success. Thursday’s show added insights to the latest for website development. Take advantage of it—just an hour of your time—Listen in to this podcast with host Judith Briles and her guest each week.

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Here are your Top Ten Tweets for the past week  

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s® Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Author, Publishing and Resource Success

  • “#TalkToStrangers” is remedy I shared in #HowToWorkARoom for the warning voice in our heads NOT to talk to strangers. Impromptu #conversations w/ a stranger can be informative, rewarding & interesting. Every stranger has a story!
  • Book Sales Prognosis: Good 2021, Uncertain 2022 |
  • Do you have a new book about to be launched? Get your book launch team in place! Find out how to create one and why it’s so important: #smallbusinesses #entrepreneur #businessowner #smallbusinessadvice #smallbizlady

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

  • Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in #digitalmarketing. Here are 5 Small Business #SEOTips for time-strapped entrepreneurs: #smallbusinesses #entrepreneur #businessowner #smallbusinessadvice #smallbizlady
  • With the advent of online marketing and social media influencers, there are now myriad ways to get your book front and center on people’s minds before its release. Here, Christine Evans shares 10 tips for marketing your children’s book.
  • Winter Institute Morphs Into Snow Days |

Writing Tips

  • Writing and creating a book is like cooking. All you do is glare at a blank computer screen until your eyeballs are fried. What are you cooking up in your next book? #judithbriles #author #writer #selfpublishing #selfpublishedauthor #authorssupportingauthors #authorsupport
  • [ yup … that could be the question that every author should ask as they create the storyline] What Is a ‘Fiction Novel’? @TheWeek #authors #fiction #writingcommunity #JudithBriles
  • In this post, we answer the question of what an ARC (or advanced reader copy) is in publishing, writing, and reading. Plus, we look at why they’re important to writers and their writing careers.

Cool Things, FUN Things & OMG Moments

Oh-Oh … new critters in our midst! When West Coast waters warmed up, it brought new species. Now they’re staying. Wonder if the crab is tasty? #climate #California #crab #foodie

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