Top Ten Twitter Tweets of June 12, 2021

Good Authoring Day to YOU               

I made it … it’s been a full year since I had my broken ankle of the worst kind surgery today. What does a girl do to acknowledge it? I sent a Happy Anniversary text to my surgeon and thanked him for putting me back together. The garden also did a PS—they were glad to have be pulling hoses around and quenching their thirst.

Whew … it’s been a hot, HOT June so far. Temps soaring everywhere. On Thursday, here in the Metro Denver area, a high risk wildfire alert was issued. The first in June in 15 years.

On Thursday, my neck of the woods had a giant internet hiccup starting early in the afternoon. As darkness came on the outside, no one could email or use the internet. I texted daughter Shelley to forewarn her I may be on her doorstep at 6.30 Friday AM to tap into her internet for Friday Coaching plus another friend an hour away to cover my basis. At 5 AM, I heard the TV come on—internet land had resurfaced.

TODAY, is the first in-person AuthorYOU Salon since March of 2020. Assuming the internet is working, there’s a combo option.

  1. If you are remote or distant—we will attempt to bring Zoom online.
  2. If you are in the Metro Denver area, show up at my home. Bring a snack to share, a new pair of socks. You must be covid vaccinated.

Time: 9 AM MT Today, Saturday

Zoom link: Judith Briles is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 328 299 0264

Passcode: Judith

In-Person Address: 8122 S Quatar Circle, Aurora 80016 gate code #9974

The bestseller ball keeps rolling. Last week, Cheryl Obermiller and her book FraudPoints did the Happy Dance on Amazon, earning multiple bestseller categories and positioning—count 14 of them with four countries. Children’s author Sonja went introduced her new book, What’s Wrong with Grandpa and was honored with several #1s as well over three days. 

This weekend, Ray McKinley grabs another round of bestsellerness for his book, Ride the Elephant.

The clock is on the tick-tock cycle and early bird went bye-bye. Dr. Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged  has only 3 spots left—is one yours? Space is limited, so check it and COMMIT!

Which brings me to my #Caturday post. I’ve always marveled at the creativity of authors who write fiction. Where does the idea for propelling their original storyline come from? Let’s all celebrate the power of the imagination.

That’s my past week … how about you … what are you up to?



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Here are your Top Ten Tweet for the past week 

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s® Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Author, Publishing and Resource Success

 Social Media and Marketing Strategies 

  • Today, let me share with you some easy tips that you can go in right away that will take less than 5 minutes to make a big difference to your website. READ it here 👇

  • Is getting a sponsor in your game plan? Good ideas here: Tips for Influencers: How to Successfully Pitch for More Brand Deals #authors #books #podcasts

  • Author Smarts-get personal author and book coaching via @mybookshepherd Dr. Judith Briles at JUNE Speaking Unplugged experience. It’s LIVE and IN PERSON in Denver:   #publishing #selfpub #books #indiepublishing #authors #writingcommunity #JudithBriles #Colorado

Writers & Writing

  • How to Get Your First Freelance Byline (and Why Even Fiction Writers Should Freelance) | Jane Friedman

  • Writer & Author ahas: World-building can be a complicated task for writers on a second or third draft, even when your story is fully fleshed out. Quick tips to organize forward: #amwriting #writingcommunity #JudithBriles #authors #getpublished

  • LOVE this creative writing goose: imagine your characters are pitching something to the Shark Tank investors. What would they say? What prompts would they use? What would their hook be? #WDprompts #amwriting #writingcommunity #JudithBriles #authors

Cool Things, FUN Things & OMG Moments


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