Top Ten Twitter Tweets of June 16, 2018

Love it.  Several clients and their books went to the next step. Some to the layout. Some to the printer. Perfect. 

Enjoyed the deep-dive into LinkedIn and the Sales Navigator tool that Mike O’Neil revealed in this week’s webinar. If you have nonfiction books, make sure you listen in and watch the step-by-step slides. 

And, make sure you are registered for the powerhouse Tom Antion’s webinar coming this Tuesday on how to create a 7-Figure Income. 

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The clock is at the “tock” … my fifth annual Book Publishing Unplugged event is in next week. I look forward to three awesome days with authors from eight states. How cool is that? Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged 3-day event June 21-23

If you are in Colorado, we bypass the monthly AuthorYOU Circles in July and encourage you to attend the annual Author BBQ schmooze and eating gather on July 21. All info here to signup up: 

The AuthorYOU Circles will resurface on August 4th. All dates for 2018 at 

Become a subscriber so you can get Friday Coaching for less than a weekly glass of wine; for less than a weekly Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – Combo at Chick-fil-A; for less than 3 movie tickets! Only $27 a month—limited amount of subscribers allowed. Two times: 7 AM and Noon Mountain time. The dress? Totally casual. This is for any author anywhere!  

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 … AND, how’s your week been?


THIS WEEK on  Author YOU  – Your Guide to Book Publishing, host Dr. Judith Briles dug into the “how-tos” the steps behind building “mailbox” money with Tom Antion that he will demo in the webinar slated for June 19. It all adds to author and book success. Listen in via the website or via iTunes.

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Here are your Top Ten Tweet for the past weekTweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s® Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

  • OMG—#Amazon is raising hell and throwing #authors and #books under the bus—listen to this podcast pronto: #publishing #pubtip

  • Learn how social media is changing the way we shop online and how you can take advantage of it! #smm via @ChrisHodgeman

  • Are You Marketing Effectively Across Generational Lines? [New Data] #marketing

  • The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Content Marketing Has Arrived… via @toprank #cmworld #contentmarketing

Success & Resources

  • Consistency: A Brand’s Secret Weapon by @DrRKayGreen

  • Three factors for pricing books correctly” Talking volume sales #selfpublishing w/ @DHWriter

Writers & Writing

  • “The most important part of writing, after the process itself, is to be read, to SHARE.” #TheFrugalBookPromoter

  • 3 Surprising Spots for Blog Inspiration via @bopdesignsd | Nice!

  • Marketing 101: Copywriting vs. Copy Editing vs. Content Writing via @MarketingSherpa | Great clarification…

Cool things and OMG moments!

  • Country Time Lemonade is creating a team to help pay fines and permits for kids who want to run their own lemonade stands. They’re calling it Legal-Ade



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