Top Ten Twitter Tweets of September 11, 2021

Good Authoring Day to YOU               

Happy Saturday to you …

A reminder … it’s the second Saturday, which means it’s AuthorYOU Salons. ONLINE starts at 7 am. The IN-PERSON stars at 9 am. Details are on the site.

This year, September 11th will most likely bring plenty of media attention as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is acknowledged. Where were you?

I was in Disney World in Florida speaking at a nursing conference, just arriving from speaking in San Diego two days prior. In some ways, it was surreal as I looked from the television screens and the burning towers to the window and outside where people were walking around with Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears on.

Some of the participants who had cars or transportation immediately left for their homes in the Northeast. Others waited to hear … what will happen? Everyone was on the phone. We were stranded; waiting; unsure what to do. John was with me. I neighbor back in Colorado called me. His job was supplying the food for airlines. “Rent a car immediately. Nothing will be flying for some time. Start driving.”

We found a car after several calls and started the 1,800 mile trek home. Over four days, we drove … stopping at hotels and a variety of fast food places for breakfast, lunch and dinner—our car breaks. NPR was our radio companion.

At a stop in Kansas, I was standing in line to get lunch. A voice behind me said, “Is that Judith Briles in the line?”

I turned to find the voice and responded, “Hello?”

“I just heard you speak at the nursing conference in San Diego!”

Oh my gosh. What a small world. She had rented in California to return home to the East; we rented in the South, to get home to Colorado. What a coincidence that our paths crossed in McDonalds that day. After checking in that we were both okay, our families were okay, a little bit about work, and of course, how awful 9/11 was, we hugged each other and continued our journeys.

And, since then, I’ve not eaten fast food.

It’s #Caturday post time. When you write … don’t force your readers to reach for a dictionary to figure out what your writing means.

I’m buried in final prepping for the Authors’ Hall of Fame Induction event in one week. It will be an amazing evening … would love to see you there. Tuesday is the last day to register for a ticket.

That’s my past week … how about you … what are you up to?