Top Ten Twitter Tweets of September 25, 2021

Good Authoring Day to YOU               

Happy Saturday to you …

This past week was all consuming with the rollout of the Authors Hall of Fame Induction event. Those of you who attended were treated to an evening woven with positive energy and awesome authors, not to mention seeing all dressed up and just enjoying being around others—200 plus of them.

The talented Ashlee Bratton and her camera sparkled with photos throughout the evening; the Inductees were thrilled with the event and being honored. It’s an “oh, what a night” experience.

My weekend will have me buried in writing with a goal to complete one author’s book that has need massive rewrites and move it to the next stage of editing.It’s #Caturday post time. Author success … what does that mean to you? Money … Fame … Media calling … Just getting the book done … What? Success has a vision to it; a purpose; an attitude. What is yours?

That’s my past week … how about you … what are you up to?