Want money … to publish your book or to fund a wacky project?

If you’ve been tempted by CrowdFunding, the process of asking other people to donate money for your next book or project, I know what might be holding you back.

You think your idea is too wacky. Too “out there.”

Or so off the wall that you’re embarrassed to even talk to your friends about it. But deep down, you’re convinced it would be a winner.


Go ahead and ask. 

These people did. They met and, in some cases, exceeded their fundraising goals:

–Project Hexapod far surpassed its goal of $65,000 to create a 6-foot, 4,000-pound walking spider robot that you can ride. Total pledged: $907,817.

–Brain Dwyer raised $16,587 to create the world’s first pizza museum in Philadelphia to house the world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia.

–In just a few short days, a small group of entrepreneurial designers and engineers raised over $50,000 to fund Who Gives a Crap, a business that will offer sustainable, comfortable toilet paper and give 50 percent of the profits to sanitation efforts in developing countries.

–Jennifer Haron raised more than $1,000 to surprise her husband with a trip to New York City for his 30th birthday.

— Authors Dianne Maroney, Gayle Harper, Charles Fischer and Ashlee Bratton recently raised a combined $55,000+ to seed their books in the past year. Why not you?

Feel better about your idea? Just ask. Here’s how …

Join me tomorrow with the Publicity Hound, Joan Stewart for the webinar on “Crowdfunding: How to Use Other People’s Money for Your Book or Project.”

I’ll look at  ways to get started, the booby traps to avoid and how to encourage total strangers to push you over the top and raise even more money than you thought possible. Along with some last minute crunch strategies when all else fails.

If you can’t attend the live call from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, register anyway at

Http://www.marketerschoice.com/app/?Clk=5229843 because we are recording it, and you’ll get a link to the video replay and all the bonuses.

The money can be used for whatever you wish:  product development, raw materials, vendors, marketing and publicity, fulfillment, outsourcing–you name it. How cool is that?

Start claiming your share. Register at Http://www.marketerschoice.com/app/?Clk=5229843

P.S. Jeffery Self, a YouTube video creator, raised $3,650, more than his goal, to replace his broken front tooth. If he can do it, so can you.