What Would Love Say If It Was Asked Its Opinion?

Note to my publishing friends: Instead of what I had scheduled for my blog today, I reached out to the members of my Friday coaching group last Friday to share their thoughts during the “shelter in place” time that many of you are experiencing. Connie Munde, author of What Love Would Say, shares her thoughts today. Wise words to chew on and practice. 


What Would Love Say If It Was Asked Its Opinion?

As the author of What Love Would Say, I have been asked, “What would love to say about these crazy times known as the Covid-19 virus?”

For most of us, our questions to ourselves are:

Am I contagious?

Can I survive if I get sick?

Who do I know that might die?

Do I have enough supplies, including food in the house?

How long will this last?

Common fears for today.  For me, as I write this, I’m not contagious; I’m in good health today and I believe I will survive if I do get sick; I have plenty of food and supplies; I do know some who could be at risk; and if I get COVID-19, it’s my understanding that it lasts a few weeks. This is what I see for me, for others:

  • Us coming together all around the world like never before.
  • Countries acting not from fear, but from compassion and caring.
  • Businesses scrambling to take care of their employees.
  • Folks reaching out in new ways to make sure their neighbor or co-worker or distant relative has what they need.
  • Families having time to spend with each other.
  • People alert and interested in what’s happening in the rest of the world.
  • Individuals with the opportunity to sit down and reflect on what is truly important.

All are far more important than standing in long lines, hoarding toilet paper and paper towels. It’s call LOVE.

What a wonderful opportunity to realize just how precious life is. What will you do with your life? What is important to you? How will you respond to the challenges ahead?

What Love Would Say is this:

  • To dispel fear, hold fast to hope because there will be a new dawn.
  • To conquer isolation, create new connections; there is no need to feel lonely or lost. There’s a world out there that understands what you are going through.
  • To heal sickness, focus on love. There’s a world out there that needs it. Take excellent care of yourself.
  • To get passed death, make life matter. Awaken to the choices you make about how you live, what you eat, where you work, your friends and priorities.

Yes, there are lots of questions without answers; lots of fears without relief; lots of deaths without funerals.

Look around you. Let go. Relax. Breathe. Take this time to be grateful FOR this time. Listen to the birds singing of spring and the frogs calling for rain. Find a song within your soul and make your own beautiful music. Really, let it out. A new day is dawning; one of hope, caring, ingenuity, creativity, and music.

Connie Munde is the author of What Love Would Say and writes from the Shepherd Sanctuary in Shepherd, TX. Her website is ConnieMunde.com.




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