The Book Shepherds: Why should you write a book? Expand your Market

Why should you write a book? Let me continue to count the ways:
#8 Because you can expand your, or someone else’s market. It’s not uncommon for companies to expand their position, or re-position their brand and or product by using an author as a spokesperson. That means that book sales can soar. Or, you can use your book to promote/market you to your current customer or prospect list.

Have you ever stayed in a Marriott Hotel? In every room, you will find Bill Marriott’s book—his story. Great promotion, and you can bet that more than a few copies get tucked away in a suitcase. Does Marriott mind? Yes indeed … the Marriott word is spread.

If you want to make your mark, increase your presence, become a media expert, a sought after speaker or consultant, or simply reinvent yourself, a book can be your best friend.