The Book Shepherds: Why should you write a book? For Financial Return

Why should you write a book? Let me continue to count the ways:

#6 Because books can create a lucrative financial return. Contrary to the belief of many, and the practice of too many authors, they don’t “get” how to sell books “without” pitching them blatantly. You don’t have to have a PhD, a MBA—what you have to be is GOOD—when speakers are good (great is even better), by default, they will sell books. Lots of them.

Be visible; be present; be GOOD … and they will come. Trust us—Judith has sold many thousands of books this way … and at full retail price … receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. Why not you?

If you want to make your mark, increase your presence, become a media expert, a sought after speaker or consultant, or simply reinvent yourself, a book can be your best friend.