Are you creating an on-going investment for your readers?

Are you speaking about and in your book (where it’s already published or in  formation)?

Are you speaking on your expertise?


You should be.

That’s what this coming weekend is all about … it’s my Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged Boot Camp–designed for small groups (never more than 25 allowed and I usually max it at 20). It’s a two-day intensive that is work–no question … but incredibly insightful … and fun. . 

I’ve done massive amounts of work to get ready for the two days. My investment in my “students” so that I can meet their expectations and fill their needs. I’m looking forward and ready for 20 eager men and women from multiple states, fiction and nonfiction authors, and a variety of topics and expertise areas. Over 100 hours have been dedicated to just this one event … my investment in them.

The workbook has been fine-tuned and sent to the printer. New slides have been added to the PowerPoint. The Oprah video from her nine-minute presentation at the Global Globes will be included with a 13-point “why-it-worked-and-wowed” millions … and then showing how participants can morph their presentations to enhance their speaking. Food has been ordered. The participants are sending in their pre-unplugged questions so I know more about them and their personal goals.

Whew … it will be an excellent two-days, I have no doubt. I love the “reveals” that happen when every participant takes the hot seat to work just on them … in front of all.

My question for you on my weekly blog day is this:

What “ongoing investment” are you doing to meet the expectations and needs of your readers … those who need your advice and your guidance if you are a nonfiction author. And for fiction authors: what “ongoing investment” are you doing to meet the expectation and needs of your readers … those who seek your stories to entertain them and give them a “time out” period from their hectic lives?

It doesn’t matter if you are a fiction or nonfiction author. You need to have a “come to book meeting with yourself”–are you continuing your author journey with an “investment” mentality? What are you doing to stretch yourself–to become a better writer; a better communicator; do you seek out from your readers what they need and are looking for from your words? Something to noodle on, yes?

My two bits on this March morning,



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