Author Smarts: How to Get Book Publicity When You Are Out of Steam

Your book is done. And you’re exhausted.

Now it’s time to launch your publicity campaign and continue full speed ahead. But there’s no gasoline left in your tank. You are pooped. How would you like a FREE webinar this week to get you on track or back to it?

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Here’s your answer: The Publicity Hound to the rescue! Joan Stewart will give you ideas galore on how to generate story ideas that will promote your expertise and your book. You will get you zing and pop back pronto! joan-stewart

You will learn:

  • What questions you should ask yourself that will lead to a good beginning batch of story ideas.
  • How to incorporate checklists and cheat sheets into your campaign.
  • Tips for authors who write fiction–often the most difficult kind of writing to publicize.
  • Typical story ideas the media love.
  • How to newsjack, one of the easiest ways to generate publicity.
  • The importance of promoting your expertise, not just your book.
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook commenting on controversial topics.
  • The danger in relying on everyone else’s media outlets for publicity.
    Lots of great examples from other authors in your shoes.

Webinar Date: THIS Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT
Sponsored by the Chicks at Sea: Judith Briles, Amy Collins, Georgia McCabe and Joan Stewart.

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