Here’s your Top Ten Twitter Tweets—for week of September 14th


Fall is here …it’s a rainy week in Colorado … how about where you live? Today is National Cream-filled Donut Day …. Hmmm



Here’s your Top Ten Twitter Tweets—

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …


Success & Resources

Can your day job actually be good for your writing? Successful authors share their experiences:

Authors can get stuck with book-here’s 5 Tips to Help You Get Over Time Management Procrastination

Wow! Gen Y now leads in book buying over Gen X per R.W. Bowker!

Authoring & Writing & Speaking

5 Things to Avoid When Using Stock Photography

Dummies does it again: Publishing Ebooks for Dummies out today

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page With Images — for authors and books!

FB and authors go hand-in-hand: 5 Principles for Using Facebook

7 Surprising Pinterest Insights Every Marketer Needs

Case Study: Creativity vs. clarity in email subject lines-good info for book marketing for authors

Not Cool!
Sad, sad day for authors and books: Security forces destroy legendary second-hand book stalls in Alexandria

Bonus Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing was with Joel Friedlander, amazing blogger and publishing visionary.

Yesterday, Jeff Davidson revealed all the ways to slice and dice your book and create new products and is Judith’s guest—there’s a reason why he has over 100 books and sold them into 40 plus foreign countries!

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