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How to Enter Book Award Competitions by Judith Briles

Which book awards do you enter? Do they matter? And the essential question: should you? Let’s start with the second question first. The answer: sometimes. Depending upon the tenacity of the author/publisher in getting the word out about the book and the award, you

Goodreads Opens Door for Book Review Bombing Trolls

Yikes … what a headline to write. One that I never imagined I would. And I’m glad I did. Consider this a full author alert. In a podcast I did years ago with the then president of the Colorado Library Association, she revealed that

Top Ten Twitter Tweets of July 10, 2021

Good Authoring Day to YOU                Reminder … TODAY is AuthorYOU Salons. Online starts at 7 AM Mountain time … IN-Person at 9 AM. details are on the www.Meetup.com/AuthorYouSalons  page. The sold out Amazon Bestseller Campaign workshop started

Top Ten Twitter Tweets of June 19, 2021

Good Authoring Day to YOU                This is a writing weekend for me. Clients’ books to move forward. And, getting ready for Speaking Unplugged. Are you coming? It’s the only session this year. The clock is on the

Creating Your Creation… the Author’s Lifetime Lifeline

Amazon has been the lifeline for millions of authors every day. Some just starting on the authoring and publishing journey; some deeply involved in it with Amazon the primary distributor or printing of their current book(s); and others reawakening and pushing out an old

Why Speak about Your Book? About Your Expertise?

Why You Should Speak about Your Book and Expertise Because … The public and a specific sector need and want your message, your smarts, your expertise, your insights, your solutions. Because … You can solve problems and provide answers that a group or an individual