The Author’s Assistant

Do you suffer from publishing overwhelm? Do you find that you don’t have enough time to invest in yourself? Do you struggle with social media and email marketing? Do you need someone to help you create online content or to manage and schedule posts to promote your book, business, or expertise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably need an assistant, and it’s more affordable than you think.

Whatever your needs are, I will work with you to help make your author and publishing life easier.

What Can Your Author’s Assistant Do for You?

Manage your Social Media Platforms: Including, but not limited to—scheduling content, helping you write and create content, finding graphics, inspirational quotes, hashtags, create online posters, or help you generate ideas for growing your social media presence.

Help you Build and Manage Amazon Bestseller Campaigns: Take the Book Shepherd’s “Become an Amazon Bestseller” 4-Week course. Or Pay for my seat in the course and I’ll take it for you as a Proxy and Build your Campaign during the course. (Happens every other Month)

Manage your Email Marketing: including building your website’s opt-in page complete with automatic responders, help you write and create email blasts and newsletters complete with layout, and schedule your weekly email blasts. Help you generate ideas to grow your email list.

Website Maintenance: Making changes to your existing website, including updating images, editing, and rewriting content, bios, and profiles. Experienced in WordPress or Wix, but open to learning other web design platforms.

Manuscript Evaluations: Read your manuscript and talk to you about ways to improve your writing, story, plot, character development, etc.

Publishing Support: Including researching and connecting you to editors, cover designers, eBook designers, printers, etc. and comparing quotes.

Presentation Support: Including creating Fliers, PowerPoints, Brochures or handouts, and Research. 

Write Press Releases to help you get some media attention for your book, business, or expertise.

Write Query Letters that you can send to agents or publishers.

Event Planning and Event Coordinating: Including researching venues, creating invitations, contracts, and organizing your event.

Manage your Product Sales System and CRM: (For business clients or Authors who sell a lot of other products.)

Working with Bobby Crew

The first step is setting up a consultation to determine your specific needs and see if Bobby is the right fit to assist you.

The second step is to commit to yourself, your book, and your business.

While working with him, you will get 5 hours of author assistance a week. He will communicate frequently about tasks and hone in on how to maximize his time while working for you. Remember that these 5 hours is meant to save you time, so unless you want to spend that 5 hours together, we will have a few quick meetings a week to go over tasks, and then Bobby will get to work. If you want or need more than 5 hours of author assistance in a week, you will simply be billed at $30 an hour.

Your Investment

For $600 a month, and a commitment for a minimum of 3 months to start, you can have your own personal assistant to help you further develop your publishing platform and author success. This special rate is only good for AuthorYOU Members who sign up, so contact Bobby right away at to set up your free consultation.

Bobby Crew has been an assistant to Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd for 5 years. He helps run the nonprofit author resource organization, AuthorYOU, and is actively engaged in learning the ins and outs of publishing and book marketing. He recently launched his first book, Dining with Devils, and is the creator of The Horror Crew, a new indie press that focuses primarily on LGBTQ horror.