The Wise Author Expects the Unexpected in the Publishing Journey …

Picture this … it’s mid-March 2014 and I live in Colorado. Typically, March is our snowiest month. To my surprise, I noticed an old bulb bulging, one that bloomed in December of 2012. One that I had promptly forgotten about post the Holidays after I had moved the small pot that it was in to the garage.

“Hmmm, maybe it might like a little water?” was my thought.             2014-02-28 05.42.28

Over the next few weeks, I offered it a drink now and then and moved it to a window ledge for full southern exposure. To my surprise, and delight, it gulped up whatever I thought to put in the dish. And surprise, growth began. On April 1st; I found myself daily checking out what my unexpected surprise was yielding.

2014-03-12 09.42.59 Two weeks later, two stems stood 14 inches tall. I was in awe at the resurrected Amaryllis coming back to life.

And then, it burst out in its glory.   Like a new mother, I proudly showed off my unexpected surprise to anyone who came into my home. And now, I’m telling all of you about it.

2014-03-27 07.10.58Wow … it made me smile; I was happy to see what would unfold each morning when I went it to see it with my early cup of tea. A few quiet moments before my day went into high gear was just what I needed.

If you are like me, when I’ve gotten a Christmas Amaryllis, I’ve always thought of it as a one trick flower. No more. It’s done with its glorious blooming, bulb and all shrinking to the forgotten bulb that someone how I had kept in a pot for over a year—forgotten. For whatever reason, the little bulb that could became the big bulb that would, deciding it was no shrinking flower.

We authors are surrounded with possibilities … possibilities that need to be given a little nurturing and care so that they can come full circle and bloom. Sometimes our efforts seem to go nowhere—we scratch our heads and kick ourselves in the tush thinking/saying … what was I thinking to go down this rabbit hole …?

The marathon of authoring and publishing that you are in takes time for success. Expect the unexpected along the way. Just like the Amaryllis that springs to life. Usually when it is expected. And delightfully, when unexpected.



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