Top 10 Twitter Tweets for October 19th

Hmmm, today is Evaluate Your Life Day … what would you change … what would you keep … what would you like to do … really do?

Yesterday, Your Guide to Book Publishing focused on getting your books into the social media channels and finding your crowd including what’s Klout and how can you use it. . Remember—you can go to website, scroll down on the Home page and see the last five shows—just click and you are instantly there!

Here’s your Top Ten Tweets for the past week—

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are Author U’s Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Success & Resources
Author Alert: Got a YA manuscript? Poisoned Pen Press seeks submissions
Why You Should Self-Publish FIRST: video w/ Literary Agent Michael Larsen
Book awards … which one is for you?
31 Excellent tips for Blog Design Mistakes (& How to Fix Them):

For authors and writers: the difference between Art and Craft via bestselling thriller author Barry Eisler.

Social Media and Marketing Strategies
Infographic: Facebook Hits 1 Billion Members and 140 billion friend connections…
Savvy tips for creating a blog from @abstanfield–applies to authors and writers.
Do free ebook days push ebook sales? Print sales? One author’s journey!
How to Use the Facebook Business Page Post Scheduling Tool

Very Cool!
Sell Your Used Textbooks with Amazon Marketplace

 Bonus: Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing was with Judith Briles who revealed strategies and insider tidbits on Twitter marketing and highlighted the how-tos and mistakes to use and avoid. Don’t miss it— or you can download directly from the website—just scroll down the Home page and click on the link.
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