Top Ten Twitter Tweets of May 21, 2022

Good Authoring Day to YOU

… And Happy Saturday to you!

Gads .. the wild weather of Colorado is in full display. Temps dropped 50+ degrees. Snowing today. Yesterday, I hustle to move hanging plants into the shelter. I dread what the cold weather will do to my flowering trees. Sigh.

Woot … my four new books are now in the “eBook” morph world. All will be up soon on KDP … and they the final stop via Author Central. The deletion of the old and the linking/merging of the new.

The early bird is LIVE for Book Publishing Unplugged … let’s get on board… it’s happening in June.

AND … get registered NOW for my Book Publishing Unplugged next month. The ONLINE version is Friday, June 24th starting at 9 am. The IN-PERSON held in Denver is on Saturday, June 25th. It’s Early Bird time … don’t be a Tardy Bird and pay extra. For the Wise Bird … it’s a be there time. Register here:

It’s Caturday … what are your goals this summer. Writing? Marketing? Research? Or just chilling?  

That’s me for this Saturday … how about you … what are you up to?

Friday mornings are the place to be with other authors! I love the Friday coaching that happens early each Friday AM. I always have a “new tip” for the group that I lead with—a “show and tell how to do ‘it’ … whatever ‘it’ is, then it opens up to “catch up” and “asks”. Become a subscriber so you can get Friday Coaching for only $37 a month for VIP AuthorYOU members, $75 for non-members—limited number of subscribers allowed. We gather viz Zoom at 7 AM. Get on board –it’s fun and informative … and you get all questions answered. We do it via Zoom. This is for any author anywhere! Register

THIS WEEK on Author YOU Your Guide to Book Publishing, the theme is always author, writing, and publishing success. Thursday’s show added insights to the latest for website development. Take advantage of it—just an hour of your time—Listen in to this podcast with host Judith Briles and her guest each week.

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OR … just go to With over 500+ downloaded podcasts to select from, the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast has experienced over 9,000,000 listeners … you are in good company! 

Here are your Top Ten Tweets for the past week  

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s® Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Author, Publishing and Resource Success

  • Why you should have cyber insurance to protect you and your website. Podcast @JudithBriles @mybookshepherd @WebStoresLtd @ToginetPodcasts:… #bookmarketing #authors #publishing #selfpubtips #podcast #websites
  • Hey authors, how’s your branding going? Are you findable? Do you have a presence? How about a tagline? It’s spring –think branding and rebranding. Tips via @Sociamediamarketing #authors #authorsuccess #indieauthor #bookmarketing
  • Going from writer to published author requires a series of accomplishments — so what does it really take? Find out in “Reaching THE END Of Your Story” on the @BookBaby

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Writing Tips

  • Fiction author tip for blogs and website: Interview your characters. Podcast ahas via @JudithBriles @mybookshepherd @ToginetPodcasts @PublicityHound:… #bookmarketing #authors #publishing #PR #podcast #indieauthors #books #fiction
  • “Goal-setting is a tool and, like any other tool, it is useless if used incorrectly. Follow these tips to make sure your author goals are worthwhile.” 💡Learn more ➡️ #amwriting #author #indieauthor #writerscommunity #writernetwork #writingtips #goal
  • In this post from 2019, author Sadie Hoagland shares 5 things to consider when writing difficult topics and how to write about grief, including how to handle honesty, trauma, and abstraction. #TBT

Cool Things, FUN Things & OMG Moments

oh-Oh Print Book Sales Fell 6% Last Week


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