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A Tweet is worth a thousand ideas …

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s Top Ten Tweets (@MyBookShepherd) from the past week that you may have missed …


Success & Resources

Are you in charge of your workflow? Or are you just reacting?

Pitching your book or an idea? Tips on turning a cold call into a warm call.

Success and Marketing Boo-Boos: 10 ways you SHOULDN’T describe yourself!


Authoring & Writing

The Social Experience of Reading

Social Media & Marketing

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs LinkedIn Ads – An Interesting Comparison

6 Master Moves to Merge Social Media & Direct Marketing–good info for authors

6 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community – Do you wonder how to go about exercising good social etiquette…

12 really smart things to do with your blog posts to maximum exposure:

Fab Twitter tips–10 of them that are perfect for authors and marketing strategies!

What will they think of next?

Holy Zapping! The iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun


            Bonus:  Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing was all about Speaking. Susan Levin of was my guest. Don’t miss this session! Listen in at:

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