About Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd and How to Get Published Expert

2013-03-27_2226_#1 A Book Shepherd is simply this: a person who has a depth of experience within the publishing and writing fields; has connections with vendors and associates that will bring your book concept and vision to life, creating the actual book; someone who has marketing moxie and understands book selling, including the alternative and niche markets; and someone who is an enthusiastic coach for your “baby.” A book shepherd should have a clear understanding of how to write a book … and how to publish a book. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd you need on your side, a true how to get published expert.

A message from Dr. Judith Briles

Dr. Judith Briles

Head Shot - Judith - promo close upJudith is an innovative and creative writing coach, and a how to get published expert who can expertly assist you with your book and publishing project. She has mentored up and coming authors and publishers for years and dedicated untold hours to educating others to the pitfalls, and joys, of the publishing world. In 2009, she created AuthorYOU, a membership organization that is designed for serious authors who want to be seriously successful.  The AuthorYOU group on LinkedIn alone has 10,000 members.

She is past president of several publishing associations and has chaired several publishing conferences including the AuthorYOU Extravaganza held annually. She chaired the first Writers Conference for the National Speakers Association and started its Writing and Publishing PEG with over 700 members.  She wrote The Book Shepherd segment for the BookMarketing.com newsletter and numerous columns, along with leading her popular Publishing Salons. Her latest book (#36) How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech shows up and coming authors how speaking has become the latest trend to market books. Joined by How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & Boo-Boos, Snappy Sassy Salty, Wise Words for Authors and Writers, The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers and Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms. AuthorYOU was published in March of 2013 and has won multiple national awards including the Indie Excellence Award, International Book Award, Beverly Hills Book Award, IPPY Award in the Publishing/Writing category and was the Publishing writing Book of the Year in the IndieFab awards sponsored by Foreword Reviews. Her books are also #1 bestsellers on Amazon.

Why Travel the Publishing Path Blindfolded?

Ashography Event Photography

Ashography Event Photography

With The Book Shepherd and her vast array of publishing experts, you will have a clear vision for your book and a road map for your goals. The members of Judith’s team are all award-winning designers and editors that can help guide you through the challenges of the publishing industry, providing all the help you need. With the 10,000+ books rolling out everyday (yes, too many are unedited and look like they are DIY projects), your book needs to snap, crackle and pop to get a reader’s and buyer’s attention. 

Although “self-published” is the routine term used for anyone who does not publish within the framework of a traditional publisher, what Judith and The Book Shepherd team do is not self-published. She doesn’t use the word self simply because when you hire an expert you have gone way beyond self. You don’t get passed around or get pushed for “upsales”. What you do is conference with the cover and interior designers of your book-to-be; your get a customized design that fits your vision, not an “off the rack” publishing-package. Think of The Book Shepherd as a publishing boutique. Judith and her team listen carefully to your goals, then create a tailored plan to help you fulfill your author dream. If that’s what you want, you are in the right place.

You’ll have a Book GamePlan, a time frame and a solution for every step along the way that Judith will create with you in the initial strategy session.  You will start the process with a good writing and publishing team, and by then you will have ended up far ahead of the others–with a book you are proud of.  With the help of The Book Shepherd you will acquire a solid foundation to propel you and your book into publishing success. 

Today’s ways of publishing are different than just five years ago.  The key to publishing success, is connecting you with the right team of experts to create your book, tie it into your business, your dreams and your success. It’s about expanding your vision into a format that is financially successful. 

Judith Briles is an award-winning author, publisher and publishing consultant with decades of experience. Her uniqueness is an understatement.

What Makes Book Shepherding with Judith Unique?

Simply this:

  • She knows how to write a book.
  • She knows how to get a book published.
  • She is dedicated to you and your book’s success … not your money.
  • She will develop your book to be the book you always envisioned it to be … not someone else’s vision.
  • She is dedicated to working with you in identifying and developing your Author and Book Platforms.
  • Your project and your voice is put first not what she thinks your voice should be.
  • She has authored 36 books … she knows the pitfalls that authors run into.
  • You get referred to publishing experts that are the right fit for you and they don’t pay for a referral fee!
  • You can trust her to always put your interests first.
  • She is an expert in niche publishing and marketing, teaching you the inside tricks to get your book noticed.
  • You get ongoing book and publishing advice throughout the time you are working with Judith.
  • She personally oversees every aspect and detail of your book.
  • She keeps you on target, on time and within your budget.

Judith Briles is a blunt, butt-kicking, benevolent book coach.

Your book is never the end … it is the beginning of a new journey and a lifestyle change.

Congratulations … your book is the start of something big. When you work with Judith Briles, you will find that her forte is strategic planning, book development and creating the right habits that overcome fear and lethargy that are common in the publishing process. If you are ready to move beyond how to get published to I want to get published, you are in the right place.

Not sure whether to create an independent press, self-publish, or sell your project to a New York-based publisher? It’s a strategic choice. Judith will brainstorm the pros and cons so that you can make the right decision for you and your book. Her skills will not only show you how to write a book that is competitively, but how to publish a book that connects with your market and reader.

Have you thought about your Author and Book Platforms? They are a must for book success … Judith not only knows how; she’s created one that has created millions of dollars for her books–she will show the strategy and process.

Need connections to a variety of agents that specialize in selling to New York and to Hollywood? She’s got them.

Need help strategizing your Internet and website presence? Most do. Let’s talk–her team can help. Contact her to get started today!


 (and there’s a story behind every one of them …) 

1.  I won the “Big Deal” on Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Monty Hall dressed as Raggedy Ann. My ex got it when I divorced him, claiming it was all his. Jeeze.

2.  Not paying attention one afternoon in a Las Vegas hotel, I ran into the butt of an elephant … not once, but twice. After all, it had to be an illusion, right? Nope, the Elephant was real was real.

3.  I was the mother of 3 kids under the age of four before I could legally vote. No regrets.

4.  I was so broke, that I was a proficient poacher when I lived in Montana. My family ate.

5.  Over dinner one night, Gloria Steinem tried to talk me out of publishing one of my best-selling books, Woman to Woman: From Sabotage to Support,  that landed me on every major daytime TV talk show, a cover story on People magazine, features in the Wall Street Journal, Time, News and the National Enquirer. In excess of 1,000 combined TV, radio and print positions. Obviously, I didn’t take her advice.

6.I wrote to Merv Griffin and asked him for permission to use his TV show Jeopardy’s music for my presentation, Creating the Confidence Factor. Got it.

7. I was pulled out of a conference audience by Johnny Carson’s favorite animal handler, Jim Fowler to be his assistant. He pulled out a 12-foot boa constrictor and handed it to me. Gulp.

8.  I have made a living with my mouth and words for over 35 years. During that time, I’ve had to re-invent myself when my sons died; I died; a partner embezzled $1,000,000 and we lost everything including home, cars, health; survived cancer; recovered from a brain injury via a speaking gig fall that took away my ability to read for 18 months.  Yet, I have a good life.

9.  When I was 30, I clinically died. When I was brought back, I was paralyzed for three months below my waist. My second reinvention was to follow my passion and eventually start my own company.

10.  My favorite foreign rights sale was to Saudi Arabia for The Confidence Factor … a book was written by yours truly, a woman; and a book is written for women. Not only was it sold once … the publishing company came back and paid to republish after the contract was over in 2016. Love it!

Contact Info:
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