Add fireworks to your book sales with this special webinar this week only!

Don’t you love it when you take just ONE HOUR and the bells and whistles go off that YES, this is what I’ve been looking for? … and it’s what happened the first time AuthorU offered this webinar to our authors and authors to be. Fireworks started to soar for many!

Why is it hot? How about taking your expertise … your slides from a talk … even an idea for “something” that you’ve been noodling … and WOOT!, it becomes a product to sell in a very, VERY short period of time? Works for me … and I bet you too.

As Daniel Hall says, “You might have noticed that in order to make any real money – money to pay things like a mortgage, that you need to sell a BUNCH of books …” money is on the backend of your book.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my, gulp, 36 years of publishing: the one thing that wealthy authors do almost without exception is build a back end for their books (even fiction writers). That back end is “other STUFF” based on your book and expertise.

And you can and should too… and that is what the training I have for you this Thursday is all about.

It’s called…

HOW to Create $97 Info Products Today That Sell Like Gangbusters … Even If You’re a Fiction Author!  

That’s right … it’s this Thursday, July 6th  at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT, 5pm MT/ 4pm PT

Click here NOW for 1-click registration.

In this one of a kind training you’ll discover:

  • Why EVERY author (non-fiction AND fiction) is losing big time if they are not also selling info-products related to the subject of their book
  • How to create info-products using ALL FREE tools and have your info-product up and available to buy today… yes, literally that fast!  
  • How to create products related to your books that your readers will ACTUALLY WANT TO BUY!
  • How to use your info-product to generate FREE organic traffic and build your email list.

Techniques for making your info-product even if you’re not tech savvy… this is very beginner friendly!

This webinar is free – but don’t let that fool you – this training is pure gold. Perfect for celebrating Independence all year long!

Click here NOW for 1-click registration.