Are you a publishing “free-giver” or a “free-taker”?

It is always a pleasure to open my phone up to authors from across the country as they meet me on the phone … Yesterday was Author Mentoring Monday. With my colleague Michele DeFlippo from 1106 Design, we were open for any and all questions that author callers asked us. The hard cost? To them, just their time.


One Saturday morning a month, I open my home to local authors to schmooze, network and again, ask whatever questions they have. It all starts with the only prop … a flip chart that is in the room or out on the deck (depending on the season) … attendees know in advance that they are to put up “whatever question” they have that answers are needed. My publishing and authoring  experiences usually have the answers … yet with another dozen authors who have a variety of experiences themselves, the answer is always in the room.  The hard cost to come away with needed answers? To them, just their time along with a snack to share with the group–I supply the fresh coffee.

Monthly, I host a webinar that delivers how-tos to advance author success. The hard cost to participate? Just their time.

Weekly, I write multiple blogs and social media posts for authors to share information. Again, no hard cost … just time to read.

Weekly, I host a weekly radio show that is available in podcast format, AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, that features a huge variety of publishing experts. The cost to the listener is just their time. yourguidetobookpublishing_graphic

Daily, I get calls and emails asking for help. I respond.

And of course annually, I coordinate the AuthorU Extravaganza.  In fact, the Extravaganza was a perfect example of an Info-Fest – unbelievable amounts of information, how-tos, ahas and connections vibrated within and throughout the three days. All given freely by our presenters to any and all … just for the asking.There is a cost … an investment in your author and publishing career … an investment that will deliver returns over and over.
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With all that said, I’m a “free-giver” …

Recently, Seth Godin had a blog about “free-takers” … something that too many actively participate in. So … the question for you on this crisp beginning of Autumn week is: Are you a “free-taker” … a moocher of information and ideas … or are you a “free-giver” … someone who shares back and participates?

The strength of any community … any organization … any friendship or relationship is built on the free-givers … never the takers and moochers. I give a lot to my authors–newbies and oldies with no strings attached and no regrets.

Which are you?

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