Author and Book Success: In Sight … In Mind

Typically, most view January as the month of Resolutions. I suggest you don’t. Why—simply this: most Resolutions are trashed within a few weeks of making them. It’s estimated that over 75 percent of resolutions are quickly side-stepped.


no resolutions

What are the top reasons resolutions become out of sight … out of mind?

1 Creating an All or Nothing Scenario

Almost guaranteed to set any author up for failure, we authors sometimes think of success in a black and white format. Usually it is kicked-off with the word “instant” … as in I need to sell 500 books in the next two weeks; I need to get on a national TV show this month; I need to ________. The publishing journey is a marathon, not the mythical short sprint that most just published authors think.

2 Lapsing and Relapsing

ODing either way … happens if there is a relapse … then you promise yourself (or others) that you will get back on track … and you do until you run into another hiccup. Then it moves into an all or none strategy that rarely goes flawless in execution or succeeding. Hiccups happen, get that it’s part of the journey. They hurt, but are rarely fatal.

3 Rewards Work

Every author has something different that motivates him or her. What’s yours? Do it; enjoy it; celebrate whatever your “it” is. Growth and success comes in a variety of steps and stages. One of my favorite books is Mastery by George Leonard. Required reading when I worked on my MBA years ago, its aha was the value of setbacks and plateaus … events that would enable/encourage one to regroup, relearn, practice and then woot … a huge leap in progress becomes highly probable.

4 Re-instill Vision

When you started on the Author Journey, you had a vision for either you or your book, preferably both. It’s time to revisit it. Clarify and goose your motivation.

5 Accountability and Action

Your Author and Book GamePlan for success require all of the above plus it needs action that has accountability tied to it.
Many jump on the authoring journey without putting one together. If that’s you, it’s never too late—you just may not like some of the revealing “hiccups” that your lack of a GamePlan didn’t include. If you had one, you could be under the influence of Author Fatigue Syndrome—you are pooped.

Let’s try something different. It’s time to revisit it and reward yourself for the milestones you can mark off as DONE. Instead of vowing that you won’t do this or that you will do that … create a new GamePlan for 2015. If you have book in hand, it’s all about marketing and positioning. If your book is being written or in production, it’s ditto along with making sure that “your team” is creating the book that is your vision and one that you have no regrets about.

Lots going on in January. The sets to sea on the 18th … a great was to concentrate on lots of publishing info PLUS have a vacation on the side PLUS have it tax deductible. How cool is that?

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2015 is the year for in sight, in mind for you and your book’s success. I’m committed to it … are you?


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