Authors’ Brains Need a Break …

 You Deserve a Break Today …

There are two BIG Rules to becoming a successful writer and author.

Rule #1: Write, Write, Write

Rule #2: Read, Read, Read

Here’s Rule #3: Take a Break, Take a Break, Take a Break aka, a vacation from your authoring hat for a few days.

It’s summertime—the outdoors beckons. A warm day in the sun, a day on the lake or at the beach, river-rafting, a movie marathon, a week of dinners with friends, flying a kite … even reading a fabulous book that you’ve been dying to dive into ( or re-read).

Yes, it’s a savvy author who reads up on the latest marketing strategies, book design—you name it. But it’s also the savvy author who knows that a time-out may be the single best thing to do to kick-start the creative juices.

Take a mini vacation and read something that is totally not connected with what you are working on. Open a book—your favorite author or genre—and fall in … it’s a joy … a pleasure. What’s the best-seller you’ve wanted to get your hands on? Or is there a favorite book that deserves another page-turning weekend with you?

Years ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner with sci-fi author Ray Bradbury. It was one of the most memorable evenings I’ve had for a variety of reasons—the man was brilliant; he was insightful; he was witty; he was outrageous; and was downright fun. And, he got me thinking. A book that I had been working on took a whole new dimension—just from my too short evening with him.

He amused me when he told me how flying-phobic he was—he drove or took the train. Did you know that? Here was the guy who was space travel personified in his many books, books that shaped so much of the sci-fi world. And he didn’t fly.

Because my hubby John was a professor, part of the conversation was about education. Bradbury’s take, “Lock the kids in the library and let them out when they are 18—they will be educated.” 

We laughed … and I loved it. As a cheerleader for the immense value libraries bring to the community, he was right. With books, worlds fall open. Amazing things pour forth. Unexpected delights and ahas waiting to happen … if you will let them.

When you take a vacation and let your mind wander a bit, amazing things pop in … things that just might be the missing piece that you were looking for all along. Several books are on my summer reading shelf … what’s on yours?

Take a vacation … if only for a day. Enjoy your summer reading!


Judith Briles is known as The Book Shepherd, a book publishing coach and the Founder of Author U (niversity) a membership organization created for the serious author who wants to be seriously successful. She’s been writing about and conducting workshops on publishing since the 80s. She’s the author of 30 books including Show Me About Book Publishing, co-written with John Kremer and Rick Frishman and a speaker at publishing conferences. Her next audio and workbook series, Creating Your Book and Author Platform will be available in the Summer of 2012. Join Judith live on Thursdays at 6 p.m. EST for Your Guide to Book publishing on the Follow @AuthorU and @MyBookShepherd on Twitter and do a “Like” at AuthorU and TheBookShepherd on Facebook. If you want to create a book that has no regrets, contact her at