Book Camp 2014

A special message from Joan Stewart, for next weekend …  


If you want to sell books, you’ll sell far more if you’re not just an author.

You also need to be an expert, even if you’re writing fiction. But it can take years to gain expert status in your field, right?

Wrong.  Publicity expert Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound, will show you how to build your expertise fairly quickly during her daylong presentation at Author U’s Publicity BookCamp on this Saturday, Nov. 15, in Denver.

Every BookCamper will leave with a customized book publicity plan just for them.

“I’ll show you 27 ways to build your expertise and 19 ways to identify your target market,” she said.  “You’ll also learn how to stop relying only on traditional media outlets for coverage. I’ll show you all the options for creating your own media empire.”

Time-saving tips include how to repurpose content into multiple formats so you aren’t always starting from scratch, and why you’ll get far more publicity if you pitch only 3 journalists instead of 103. Pitching book reviewers? Joan will save you time by giving you a template for an email pitch. Just fill in the blanks and you’re good to go.

If you do it right, you’ll have journalists, bloggers and readers flocking to your website. She’ll show you the 11 things you should have in place at your website to make them stay.  Campers will leave with a step-by-step timeline for a book launch and a game plan on how to use email marketing to sell more books.

“During the afternoon, several authors will have a golden opportunity to sit on the hot seat and let other authors and me brainstorm ideas on how to market their books.”

The weather next weekend promises to be truly awful, even for Denver—projects of 7 degrees to a high of 28! Stay warm and toasty at the Author U Book camp—and leave smart, savvy and fired up, with your customized plan in hand.

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