Books … Morning, Afternoon and Evening Delight

OK … I confess … I’m a Book Addict. And I don’t plan on entering a 12-Step program to stop my beloved addiction and pleasure. The countless hours of pleasure that they have given me since I was a little kid can never be tallied. The goosing to my imagination gives me a Happy Dance. The creation of the community with members all over the world is a wonder. And the reality that working with authors on creating their books plus publishing my own is what I do for a living … jeeze … don’t wake me. I love what I do!


Of many of my favorite things, books top the list. If you are stymied of what to give to a favorite aunt, a good friend, something that says, “I’m thinking of you … and put some thought into it.” It there is one item where there is “something for everyone one”—it’s a book.

The same book isn’t for everyone … but there is a book that is. In October and November, AuthorU hosted two events that displayed over 60 individual books. There was a book that would have filled the stockings of Charlie, Sarah, Sam, Martha, Brenda, Pat, Steve, John, Shelley and little Julie. Not the same book … but a book that a giver thought would be perfect for each person on his or her list.

Sometimes, I find a book that I know is “perfect” for several of my girlfriends—I buy 10 of them … knowing that it’s what I bring when Holiday hellos and drop-ins are the norm. When my book Snappy, Sassy, Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers was


first published, my writer friends got it—just wrapped with a ribbon. One time I bought 20 copies of a cookbook that I attended the author’s signing—all my couple foodie friends that we gather quarterly and cook with got it with a note—“At our next gathering that John and I host, each of you are to select a recipe and that will be part of our menu” … and what a delicious and salivating array it became.

If that doesn’t start you off with a few ideas, here’s a few more as to why BOOKS as gifts—and not necessarily yours—should be at the top of your list.

  1. Wrapping is the bestjust get a sheer ribbon that picks up the color of the Holiday, your personal favorite or one within the book. Rarely an odd size, they fit easily into a bag if that’s your choice and for shipping, a piece of cake.


  1. Books don’t break the bank accountprices can range from a few dollars and up. Last summer, a friend’s housing development had a community garage sale. One home had boxes of books going from ten cents to a dollar—books that looked like they hadn’t been opened. Being the book addict that I am, I dove in and for $10, came away with over 20 books that went into my “gift closet”—three wonderful baskets were created for birthday giving for the fall with a variety of books in each: two for kids in the family and one for a friend in a nursing home.

Watching my 9 year-old grandson literally lay out on the floor the series of Harry Potters I found at the sale, touching each cover as he drooled over them, made this Gramma’s heart glow. How cool is that?

  1. Any age or person will dofrom the wee ones to the seniors, there’s a book for any age, male or female.
  2. Books are available from countless sources and easy to getthe grocery story; big boxes (Yes, the new homeowner’s perfect gift may just be at Home Depot); online; gift shops and of course, book stores (one of my all-time favorite places to just hang out during the Holidays).
  3. Books delivered via a gift card—always loved in my household; whether for an online store or brick and mortar … it’s an afternoon delight!
  4. Shipping a book is a piece of cakeif you are ahead of the crowd, media mail works and you can save money; the priority envelop at the USPS takes most books easily.
  5. Books give and givewho hasn’t recirculated something that they loved with a friend or family member? And when a book has “finished” its time in your home, donate to a group that can start the re-circulation.
  6. Books love to travel—whether print, audio or “e”, they are the best of travel companions. If you aren’t sure of which version, the gift card comes into play—if you know what book you want to give—print the cover, include with the gift card and encourage them to select the version desired.
  7. Books are the ideal way to escapewhether a tall adventure, a biography to the past, a laugh until the reader is almost incontinent, books deliver a new world … “a time out and away.”
  8. Books keep the brain cells happyyep, no matter what, they are educational and that is good for the cognitive juices.
  1. Remind all your Fans and Friendsmeaning sending them a personal email if you have their emails; post it on your Facebook pages NOW—your books are ideal for not only the Holidays … but for host and hostess gifts; for birthdays and special days … and of course, you would be delighted to personalize them for each! Here’s to you, authors are my heroes!

Not matter what, everyone you know is interested in something … even the “someone” that when you ask, “What would you like?” and responds, “I don’t know,” can be taken care of. There’s always a book for something, as weird as that something might be. Yes indeed, books are indeed the morning, afternoon and evening delight. How incredibly cool is that?



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Children’s and YA Books

Anne ArndtFluff The Dream Owl

Jerry Altman –  Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose

Jo KairysI Want Cake!

Judy KundertSamantha and the Legend Whispering Trees, 10 Tips to Get Kids Out Doors and Love Nature

Julie Griffin Cristina Grandina, Bella the Baker Street Baker, Jack and the Bean Chair

Charles Fischer – Beyond Infinity

Inspiration and Spirituality

Anne RandolphStories Gathered at the Kitchen Table

Carol DenkerAutumn Romance

Cheryl BillsSplit

Disa Van OrmanMy Loved One Shines On

Dennis-Anita Lunt Sacred Mountain 2016 Calendar

Frederick CoffeyGrowing Spiritually With God

John Maling Have You Ever Held A Mountain?

Julie Griffin Ever Descending Circles

Kathleen Flanagan Awakening Spirit – The Call

Linda Frothingham Simply Inspired and Simply Inspired Journal

Philippa Burgess Inspiration and Ideals: Thoughts for Every day

Susan Troccolo The Beet Goes On

Fiction (also see Women’s)

Charles ClarkThe Bootlegger ’40 Ford

Courtney MillerThe First Raver Mocker, The Raven Mockers Legacy

Merrie WycoffShadow of the Sun, Sterling the Shadow of Dark

Nick Taylor (Fantasy) – Legon Awakening, Pactum      


Judith BrilesAuthor YOU, Snappy Sassy Salty, Crowdfunding Guide for Authors & Writers   


Gabby MillerGabby Gourmet Restaurant Guide 2016

John CzingulaFor the Love of Paprika

Kristin ConarisCake Decorating with Chocolate Molding


Alice Borodkin (Memoir) – Caught Between the Bettys

Andrew Plank  (Astronomy) – What’s Hot on the Moon Tonight? & Field Map Of the Moon

Bobbi Boldon (Humor) – Princess Golf 

Connie Shoemaker (Memoir) – The Good Daughter: Secrets, Life Stories and Healings.

Jane Withers (Memoir) – Hub Cap Annie

Nick Zelinger – (Anthology) Another Nightmare Gig from Hell

Pat MorganThe Concrete Killing Fields

Steve Snyder (WWII Military Bio) – Shot Down!

Suzanne Blankenship (Eldercare)– How to Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles

Ward LucasNeighbors at War, Get This Mother Published

Self Help

Joan McWilliamsParenting Plans for Families After Divorce, The PeaceFinder

Judith BrilesThe Confidence Factor

Lynn McLeodFrom Simms to Zanzibar

McDowell Graham I’ve Been Here Before, But This Time I Know The Way Out

Laurie WeissStop These Common Beliefs from Poisoning Your Marriage, The Secrets of Happy Relationships


A.J. WhiteThe Bloomers & The Bloomers Guidebook

Mara Purl  (Fiction) – Where the Heart Lives, & What the Heart Knows

Tammy Grace (Fiction) –A Promise of Home, Finding Home, Home Blooms, & Killer Music

Rhondda Hartman (Health) – Natural Childbirth Exercises

Laurie Weiss (Relationships) – 99 Things Women Wish they Knew Before They Said “I Do.”

Business and Careers

Doug Krug The Missing Piece in Leadership

Gene Morton – Leaders First

Judith BrilesMoney Smarts

Kim CurtisMoney Secrets

Nancy SullivanTransitionPoints





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